Product Safety & Quality



We are committed to maintaining and strengthening ties with our customers by ensuring superior quality in manufacturing and services, and consistently improving our product quality management systems with the aim of eradicating serious product-related accidents.

Our Approach

LIXIL firmly believes that product quality is the key to earning the trust of our customers and society. To ensure that this belief is shared among all employees, we have published LIXIL Quality Principles in 14 languages and are continuously pursuing excellence in product manufacturing and services around the world. Serious product-related problems make customers anxious and adversely affect our reputation. That is why we pursue product quality management initiatives such as confirming legislative compliance based on the LIXIL Product Safety Principles.

We will continue to enhance our product quality management systems, and work to ensure our customers know how to use products safely.

Our System

LIXIL set up the Quality Assurance division in the Technology function, which reports directly to the company president, and works to develop robust company-wide product quality management systems and resolve any quality-related issues. LIXIL International oversees product quality outside Japan, with product-specific COOs managing product quality directly.

We have integrated important functions of development, manufacturing, and sales into two of our technology businesses, and strive to achieve ultimate quality in each business operation. The Quality Assurance division of each technology business works to guarantee the quality of products and resolve any quality-related issues. In addition, our sales and services team in Japan manages individual quality management systems as a functional department in the pursuit of quality customer service.

The company-wide quality management conference, which conducts regular management reviews, has been working to strengthen quality control by increasing the number of reviews conducted to once a quarter starting in FYE2021.

Enhancing Quality across Entire Product Lifecycle

To ensure customer safety, LIXIL is focused on enhancing quality across the full lifecycle of all products, from development through to design, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and after-sales support.

Flowchart for enhancing quality across entire product lifecycle

Nurturing a Culture That Strives for Superior Quality Product Manufacturing

LIXIL works to build a culture that focuses on enhancing quality throughout the year. We measure the level of awareness of quality via a survey of all group employees and work to generate further improvements.

Promoting Internal Awareness through Information-Sharing and Forums

We use inhouse social media platforms to post quality-related policies, CEO messages, and case studies as part of our year-round awareness-raising activities. In FYE2021, we created the LIXIL Quality Journal to help consistently raise awareness on quality-related topics. The journal highlights factory initiatives aimed at encouraging workers to share product-related issues they notice in their work and stories of departments that have used their mistakes to make improvements.

Our Product Quality Forum held each November rewards outstanding improvement-focused activities chosen from among LIXIL group companies worldwide. In FYE2021, the forum was conducted online for a worldwide audience and attracted approximately 2,200 viewers.

A poster designed to raise employees' quality awareness and the LIXIL Quality Journal

All-Employee Awareness Survey and Action Plan

We conduct quality awareness surveys of all employees working at the group companies in Japan in order to raise awareness of product quality and promote quality-enhancing initiatives. We then formulate an action plan for each department based on the survey results. Thanks to progress made in each department, the overall survey score for FYE2021 improved.

Result of the quality awareness survey

Responding to Serious Product-Related Accidents

At LIXIL in Japan, whenever a product-related accident occurs, the product quality department collects information within 24 hours of receiving notification, and sends an emergency notice to relevant departments.

If an accident that could have a serious impact occurs, the customer service center reports it directly to senior management to ensure a swift response. The center also cooperates with other departments to formulate on-site responses and thoroughly investigate accidents. We submit a report to relevant government authorities within 10 days of an accident occurring as stipulated in Japan’s Consumer Product Safety Act. We also seek to prevent a recurrence by reflecting any lessons learned from accidents in product design, and proactively developing technologies that help ensure accident prevention and safety.

Regarding suspected legal infringements, our technology or other relevant departments will ascertain if an infringement has actually occurred, and submit a report to the authorities concerned. We follow a similar process for suspected legal infringements as we do for product-related accidents, namely, we conduct a thorough investigation of the cause and implement appropriate countermeasures to prevent a recurrence.

Emergency Procedure for Responding to Accidents

Emergency Procedure for Responding to Accidents