Product Safety & Quality



The LIXIL Group is committed to maintaining and strengthening our ties with our customers by ensuring superior quality in manufacturing and services, and consistently improving our product quality management system to eradicate product-related accidents.

Action plan Make continuous improvements to the product quality management system
KPI Number of serious product accidents across the Group (#)

Target / ProgressOPEN or CLOSE

  • Target for FY2016

  • ・Zero cases of serious product accidents across the Group

    ・Extend product safety strategy by setting specific KPI for each technology business

  • Progress as of 2016

  • ・Four serious product accidents across the Group. Held a product accident conference to share details of the experience and confirm countermeasures

  • Target for FY2017

  • ・Number of serious product accidents across the Group: 0 cases

Action plan Increase awareness of how to safely use our products
KPI Rate of disclosed instruction manuals for the main products on the website across the Group (%)

Target / ProgressOPEN or CLOSE

  • Target for FY2016

  • ・Disclose instruction manuals online for all main products in Japan

  • Progress as of 2016

  • ・Disclosed instruction manuals online for all main products in Japan

    ・Plan to disclose instruction manuals for Group company main products in FY2017

  • Target for FY2017

  • ・Disclose instruction manuals online for all main products across the Group

Our Approach

The LIXIL Group firmly believes that product quality is the key to earning the trust of customers and society and a source of corporate profitability. To ensure that this belief is shared among all employees, we have published the LIXIL Group Quality Policy in 14 languages and are continuously pursuing excellence in product manufacturing and services around the world. As significant product defects lead to customer anxiety and damage corporate reputation, our cross-functional teams work together to resolve any issues in accordance with the LIXIL Product Safety Principles.

We will continue to improve its product quality management system and provide clear guidance on the safe use of products.

LIXIL Group Quality Policy

  • LIXIL strives for high quality in all processes, pursuing customer satisfaction and contributing to improving people's comfort and lifestyles.
  • We generate the world's highest quality, listening to our customers and striving for excellence through KAIZEN activities, specifically going and seeing for ourselves and thoroughly understanding the situation.
  • We develop the management system that continuously improves the quality of our employees, products and processes, and aim for business growth.

Management Structure

Our Quality & Six Sigma Division, which reports directly to the CEO, develops effective group-wide product quality management systems and resolves quality issues across the Group under the leadership of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Product Quality divisions at LIXIL's four technology businesses and its Japan distribution arm, LIXIL Japan Company, assure the quality of each product and service and resolve issues under the direct guidance of dedicated Chief Quality officers (CQO). LIXIL Corporation also conducts regular management reviews by inviting the CQO and relevant employees to quarterly group-wide Quality Management Committee meetings.

Management Structure

*Each technology business and LIXIL Japan Company include subsidiaries of LIXIL Corporation.

Enhancing Quality Across Entire Product Lifecycle

To ensure customer safety, LIXIL Corporation is focused on enhancing quality across the full lifecycle of a product, from development through design, procurement, manufacture, distribution, and after-sales support.

Design & development

We use Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) in risk assessments during design and development. To help us reflect customer feedback, we are conducting a review of the original Design Review Based on Failure Mode (DRBFM), and working to strengthen implementation frameworks, on-the-ground procedures, and assessor and facilitator skills.

Material & parts procurement

We require our suppliers to fulfil a certain set of criteria, and cooperate with them to resolve and improve on any issues.

Commercialization, production, sales

We only commercialize products that have gone through and passed vigorous stress tests and quality checks for durability, weather resistance, etc. Products that require specific safety and quality labelling are clearly marked in our catalogues and other sales materials as meeting those criteria.

Preparing for product defects & issues

We have a system to incorporate customer opinions and experiences with regard to product-related accidents and defects, and thoroughly investigate the root cause for future improvements.

LIXIL Stage gate system

LIXIL Corporation introduced the LIXIL stage gate system to evaluate projects at five key points from the product development through to the product assurance stages. Internal gate keepers assess and approve products at each stage gate to ensure commercial business decisions incorporate product quality considerations. Regular reviews of the evaluation criteria for each gate help us develop higher quality product.

LIXIL Stage gate system

Responding to Serious Product-related Accidents

At LIXIL Corporation in Japan, whenever a product-related accident occurs, information is gathered in the Quality & Six Sigma Division within 24 hours from the receipt of notification, and an emergency notice is sent out to relevant departments. The division in charge of customer services coordinates with other departments to implement on-site response and investigation of the accident. A report is submitted to the relevant authorities within 10 days as stipulated by the government's reporting and disclosure procedures on product accidents under the Consumer Product Safety Act. To prevent a reoccurrence, we reflect lessons learned from accidents to design schematics, which are adjusted to improve the safety of our products and proactively improve our safety technology.

Procedure for Responding to Accidents as Soon as They Occur

Responding to Significant Product-related Accidents

Number of serious product-related accidents in FY2016

4 incident.

Nurturing a Culture that Strives for Superior Quality Product Manufacturing

LIXIL Corporation holds LIXIL Quality Month campaigns to enhance awareness of product quality, expand quality management systems, and encourage improvements. The company holds Product Quality Forums to share internal quality improvement initiatives. In FY2016, selected staff from 161 divisions worldwide came together to compete on best practices for improvements. During each Quality Month campaign, posters were put up in all factories, and staffs were encouraged to submit proposals for improvements.

LIXIL Quality Month

Information Disclosure and Communication

The LIXIL Group publishes product-specific instructions on the website to ensure safe product use, along with videos illustrating how to care for and clean products to ensure appropriate use.

External Recognition

In 2014, LIXIL Corporation won the Excellence Award in the large manufacturer and importer category for the Best Contributors to Product Safety Awards program run by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). METI commended the company for its ground-breaking 10-year guarantee services and its commitment to studying problematic products to improve functionality. Before its amalgamation, INAX Co., Ltd. won the Director-General for Commerce and Distribution Policy Award in 2010 in recognition of its dedicated accident prevention measures during long-term product use.

External Recognition