Product Safety & Quality



The LIXIL Group is committed to maintaining and strengthening ties with our customers by ensuring superior quality in manufacturing and services, and consistently improving our product quality management system to eradicate product-related accidents.

Action plan Make continuous improvements to the product quality management system
KPI Number of serious product accidents across the Group

Target / ProgressOPEN or CLOSE

  • Target for FYE2018

  • ・Number of serious product accidents across the Group: 0 cases

  • Progress as of FYE2018

  • ・Critical product-related accident: 3 (single gas stove: 2, stove top ventilation cover: 1)

    ・Critical product-related accidents were reported in product-related crisis management meetings, and potential corrective actions were discussed

    ・Information on critical product-related accidents were filed in the database and reviewed to determine if any corrective actions were necessary. Product corrections and the awareness-raising on product-related precautions were carried out as necessary

Action plan Increase awareness of how to safely use our products
KPI Rate of disclosed instruction manuals for the main products on the website across the Group (%)

Target / ProgressOPEN or CLOSE

  • Target for FYE2018

  • ・Disclose instruction manuals online for all main products across the Group

  • Progress as of FYE2018

  • ・100% of user manuals for the LIXIL Group’s main products were published on the companies’ official websites

    ・Publicly registered new main products as they went on sale

Our Approach

The LIXIL Group firmly believes that product quality is the key to earning the trust of customers and society, and a source of corporate profitability. To ensure that this belief is shared among all employees, we have published the LIXIL Group Quality Policy in 14 languages and are continuously pursuing excellence in product manufacturing and services around the world.

Significant product-related problems make customers anxious and adversely affect our reputation for reliability. That is why we pursue product quality management initiatives such as confirming legislative compliance based on the LIXIL Product Safety Principles.

Going forward, we intend to make consistent improvements to our product quality management system, and work to ensure consumers know how to use products safely.

LIXIL Group Quality Policy

· LIXIL strives for high quality in all processes, pursuing customer satisfaction and contributing to improving people’s comfort and lifestyles.

· We generate the world’s highest quality, listening to our customers and striving for excellence through KAIZEN activities, specifically going and seeing for ourselves and thoroughly understanding the situation.

· We develop a management system that continuously improves the quality of our employees, products, and processes, and aim for business growth.

Management Structure

LIXIL Corporation has established quality and EHS headquarters under the direct control of the company president, and we are continuously working to develop a strong company-wide product quality management system and to resolve quality issues. We have also established quality and EHS departments for the LIXIL Group to help unify quality management across Group companies.

We have unified the major functions of development, manufacturing, and sales at our three technology businesses and strive to achieve ultimate quality in each business’ operation. We have appointed a chief quality officer (CQO) in each company, who oversees product quality department efforts to guarantee superior-quality products and services and resolve quality-related issues. In addition, LIXIL Japan Company, which has jurisdiction over the retail service functions in Japan, strives to offer superior quality customer service.

CQOs and other relevant members gather together on a quarterly basis for the LIXIL Group quality management conference, and conduct regular management reviews.

Enhancing Quality across Entire Product Lifecycle

To ensure customer safety, LIXIL Corporation is focused on enhancing quality across the full lifecycle of all products, from development through design, procurement, manufacture, distribution, and after-sales support.

Enhancing Quality Across Entire Product Lifecycle

Nurturing a Culture that Strives for Superior Quality Product Manufacturing

LIXIL Group organizes LIXIL Quality Month each year in November as part of its product safety promotion activities. During the 2017 Quality Month, we conducted various activities including clarifying product-quality management issues at individual departments, study sessions to explore how to analyze problems, and sharing examples of product quality risk. Approximately 700 employees attended the group-wide Product Quality Forum that took place in Quality Month, and in which we shared the best improvement activities from around the world.

External Activities & Evaluations

Safety Education Program “Thinking about Safety in the Home”

As part of its product safety-related activities, LIXIL Corporation has developed a safety training program with the not-for-profit Association of Corporation and Education (ACE) for 5th and 6th year elementary students, provided free to school teachers and educators. In FYE2018, LIXIL employees also used this program to give 34 lessons in 12 schools to approximately 1,000 children. The program also won the Outstanding Performance Award at the Instructional Materials for Consumer Education awards 2014 conducted by the National Institute on Consumer Education (NICE).