Water Technology



At LIXIL, we use the power of water to make bathroom and kitchen products that matter to people, today and in the future.

We believe bathrooms are not just functional spaces for cleaning and washing; they are places of personal comfort, relaxation, and transformation. We see kitchens as more than just a necessity to fulfilling our appetites; they are spaces to unlock our inner creativity, curiosity, and joy.

Through our truly differentiated portfolio of global brands including INAX, GROHE and American Standard, as well as product brands in Japan such as RICHELLE and SPAGE, we today cater to all different walks of life. Our brands provide a full suite of designs and technologies responding to consumer needs, from the luxurious to the functional of the spectrum.

Leading the development of our products is our global team of in-house designers, actively exchanging thoughts and ideas across our design centers in Tokyo, Düsseldorf, Shanghai, New York, Singapore, Tokoname, London, and Guangzhou. Projecting lifestyle trends before they become a reality, they are continually integrating them into our designs so that our products are relevant from the start.

Powering our products is our advanced technology, from innovative shower toilets that improve comfort and health, to stylish kitchens that are designed to remain tidy and make movement simpler. We are even innovating digital solutions including first-of-their-kind water sensors that help prevent water leaks. Our truly global production network, built on our manufacturing expertise developed in Japan, is today delivering these products worldwide.

But while pursuing comfort and convenience, we are mindful of consumption of our most precious natural resource, water. The challenge is to reduce water consumption while still giving the user a great experience. We are continually researching and creating solutions that allow us to do more with less, such as changing the shape and design of our products to reduce water usage and protect the world we live in.

At LIXIL, we embrace the evolving role that our water products play in people's lives, health, and comfort, as well as ensuring sustainability. As a pioneer of our field, we pursue innovation in technology and design to enhance our customers' experiences and are helping to create the link to good living.

Our Brands

American Standard

Our Products

Fixtures & Vanities

Ceramic toilets, bidets, urinals, basins, and vanities


Bath tubs, shower enclosures, whirlpools, and wellness solutions

Bathroom Fittings

Single and two-lever faucets and accessories

Showers & Shower Systems

Hand and head showers, thermostats and shower systems

Shower Toilets

Integrated shower toilet systems and seats

System Baths

Pre-fabricated baths for houses, condos, and other projects

Kitchen Systems

Kitchen Systems for houses, condos, and other projects

Smart Products

Smart water sensor and controller

Pro & Commercial

Behind the wall systems and commercial fittings

Kitchen Fittings & Sinks

Kitchen faucets, sinks, and drinking water systems


Beautiful and fire and water resistant functional tiles offering premium design to bathrooms, kitchens and a full range of living spaces