Impact Strategy



LIXIL’s purpose is to make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere: this is the positive impact we have and how we can be a force for good in a rapidly changing world, from the products we make, to the way we work for today and tomorrow.

We strive to make better homes that meet the different needs of diverse people and the way we live. That means enabling all people around the world to have access to safe and hygienic toilets and handwashing facilities. It means minimizing our ecological footprint throughout our value chain as well as from our business operations and contributing to environmental conservation for future generations through innovative products and services. And, it means helping everyone live more healthily, comfortably, and sustainably through innovation enabled by an inclusive organization. All these elements are vital for realizing what we consider to be truly good homes for all.

We will expand our positive impact by connecting with the wider society that extends beyond our field of business. We will help build a society in which people can lead bright and healthy lives and also help conserve the global environment for future generations. We will also strive to build an inclusive organization that is able to create new opportunities by responding to diverse needs.

LIXIL’s Impact Strategy outlines three core pillars: Global Sanitation & Hygiene, Water Conservation & Environmental Sustainability, and Diversity & Inclusion. These areas represent the most pressing global issues where we can drive significant impact by leveraging our expertise. Reflecting on what we can do now and in the future, we decided to incorporate our Impact Strategy into our broader business strategies, utilize our expertise and scale in water and housing products, and explore ways to cooperate with employees, partners, local residents, and other stakeholders.

Impact Strategy

In FYE2023, LIXIL updated our LIXIL Playbook, which illustrates our medium-term business direction, as part of our aim to improve corporate value through our business activities and business growth and create impact to help solve social and environmental issues. Climate change and other environmental issues have a considerable impact on LIXIL’s business. We do not regard those environmental problems simply as “issues,” but rather as a means of achieving sustainable growth and creating value that dovetails with LIXIL’s Purpose, and that is why we have incorporated environmental strategies into our business strategies. We also positioned the Impact Strategy in the Playbook as the platform that supports LIXIL as a company and clarified its exact relevance.

LIXIL Playbook

Through these Purpose-driven initiatives, LIXIL will generate a positive impact on the wider society to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

We confirm the progress and results of each initiative concerning Impact Strategy every year based on action plans and KPIs determined to coincide with our material issues as we strive to achieve our goals.

  • Global Sanitation & Hygiene

    We innovate viable products, solutions, and business models to elevate standards of living through improved sanitation and hygiene.

  • Water Conservation & Environmental Sustainability

    We promote the responsible use of energy, water and natural resources. From our operations and throughout our product lifecycle, we minimize our ecological footprint and scale innovation to help our partners and consumers protect the environment today and for generations to come.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    We promote diversity and inclusion, starting with building an equitable workplace. By leveraging the knowledge and perspectives of our diverse employee base and together with stakeholders, we stimulate innovation and collaboration that enables everyone to live more comfortably and healthily and reach their full potential.