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At LIXIL, we pursue our corporate purpose to “make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.” To that end, we have determined material issues that we, our stakeholders, and society in general consider to be of the highest importance for achieving our company’s sustainable growth and improving corporate value for driving progress on sustainable development. LIXIL prioritizes areas that significantly impact our stakeholders and society at large and where we can make a considerable contribution to solving relevant issues by leveraging our strengths and taking proactive measures. We also prioritize areas where we need to strengthen our initiatives based on stakeholder needs.We made the following progress on our priority material issues in FYE2023.

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Main areas displaying the most significant progress:

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

  • By increasing energy efficiency and raising our renewable energy ratio from 15.0% to 25.0%, we achieved a 29.9% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions compared to the FYE2019 benchmark.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • The number of female directors increased by one from the FYE2022, raising the ratio of female directors and executive officers to 31.3%.
  • The ratio of women in management positions worldwide increased to 17.5%. This is the result of our focus on ensuring diversity in our talent development and acquisition, combined with efforts to foster an inclusive culture.

Progress on our priority material issues in FYE2023

Material issues Target year Goals and targets
(quantitative targets only)
Progress in FYE2023
Global Sanitation & Hygiene By 2025 Improve sanitation and hygiene for 100 million people around the world Approx. 45 million people
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation By FYE2031
*4 By FYE2026
*5 By FYE2025
50.4% reduction on scope 1&2 CO2 emissions (BM: FYE2019) 29.9% reduction
30% reduction on scope 3 CO2 emissions (BM: FYE2019) 15.2% reduction*1
100% ratio of number of energy- and water- saving faucets and toilets sold (Japan) Energy- and water- saving faucets 92.2%*1
Energy- and water- saving faucets and toilets 99.2%*2
100% ratio of number of high-performance windows sold for new detached houses (Japan)*4 90%
Water Sustainability Improve water use efficiency by 20% in our operations (BM: FYE2019) 16.0% improvement
2 billion m3 of total water saved by spreading water-saving faucets and toilets*5 1.5 billion m3
Circular Economy Improve waste recycling rate to 90% in our operations*4 88.1%
100% of recycled aluminum used in our aluminum extrusion 74%*3
Environmental Impact of Product Lifecycle Included in the above -
Environmental Management - -
Diversity & Inclusion By FYE2030 50:50 for Board & Executive Officers 31.3%
30% female managers across LIXIL 17.5%
Maintaining gender parity in new graduate recruitment (Japan) 34.1%

*1 Benchmark: FYE2019

*2 Excluding products not intended for energy- and water-saving faucets, such as those for exclusive use of hot water filling or full-body bathing

*3 Excluding apartment buildings

*4 A6063

  • Global Sanitation & Hygiene

    Global Sanitation & HygieneGlobal Sanitation & Hygiene

    We innovate viable products, solutions, and business models to elevate standards of living through improved sanitation and hygiene.

  • Water Conservation & Environmental Sustainability

    Water Conservation & Environmental SustainabilityWater Conservation & Environmental Sustainability

    We promote the responsible use of energy, water and natural resources. From our operations and throughout our product lifecycle, we minimize our ecological footprint and scale innovation to help our partners and consumers protect the environment today and for generations to come.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Diversity & InclusionDiversity & Inclusion

    We promote diversity and inclusion, starting with building an equitable workplace. By leveraging the knowledge and perspectives of our diverse employee base and together with stakeholders, we stimulate innovation and collaboration that enables everyone to live more comfortably and healthily and reach their full potential.