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Progress in FYE2023

Satisfaction with our product quality
Satisfaction with our customer support

Our Approach & System

To ensure that our customers enjoy all aspects of their living spaces, LIXIL seeks to maximize customer satisfaction by considering it one of our material issues and viewing things from the perspectives of both professional users and end users. Developing and providing products and services that fulfill customer expectations and communicating effectively with relevant stakeholders are vital to improving customer satisfaction. In Japan, our Marketing function and Safety and Quality Management Division work consistently together to improve our products and services based on the analysis of customer databases and customer feedback.

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Improving Customer Lifetime Value

LIXIL aims to boost customer loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value * by continuing to provide experiences that satisfy the latent needs of end users.

In FYE2022, we launched an initiative in Japan to combine various customer databases in order to strengthen our customer-centric framework that focuses on customer feedback. We have been working on integrating the customer relationship management (CRM) system, which manages approximately 300,000 inquiries a month that our customer service and repair centers receive, with our e-commerce (EC) system, which manages online purchase history, to create one central My LIXIL database of basic customer information. That integration was completed in FYE2023. This initiative is not only designed to shorten the lead time between the receipt of an inquiry and the response by the relevant department, but also seeks to improve customer service productivity and customer satisfaction. We also aim to promote sales through the integration with our EC system.

In FYE2023, we introduced a new Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to gauge the degree of loyalty toward LIXIL and the desire to continue using LIXIL products among end users. We conduct NPS training for employees in our call centers and are working hard to improve the quality of our customer service response by sharing any customer feedback received through the survey. Going forward, we intend to share information obtained through our databases and surveys with individual business units as well to help improve the quality of our products as well as our services.

We also conduct customer satisfaction surveys targeting professional users in Japan. The FYE2023 survey showed 79.7% of respondents were satisfied with our product quality and 62.9% with our customer support.

Building a Customer-Centric Framework

Building a Customer-Centric Framework

*Customer lifetime value: The amount of profit a company can expect to earn from a relationship with a customer from the first point of contact through the end of the relationship. For LIXIL, this refers to the continuous use of products and services across various stages from initial or additional construction to maintenance and renovation.

Professional User Satisfaction with Products and Support Services

Professional User Satisfaction with Products and Support Services

Customer Inquiries

Customer Inquiries

Training: How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

LIXIL strives to nurture employees who can interact closely with customers by providing various training programs. Regarding product training in Japan, employees receive explanations of new products from product development personnel, get to confirm actual products and parts for themselves, and acquire skills that enable them to view things from the same perspective as our customers. We also conduct group and one-on-one training for operators to help them better understand customers’ feelings.

For professional users, we offer training opportunities where we share the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated based on customer inquiries, and aim to improve customer satisfaction together with our partners.

In FYE2022, we built an online learning platform and digitalized our teaching materials, partly due to COVID-19. As a result, we have seen an increase in the number of participants and frequency of training sessions, with some people commenting on how more employees and professional users are now able to participate in the sessions, and how these measures have helped improve the quality of the training provided.

Employees who take door products training

Employees who take door products training

Bathroom installation training

Bathroom installation training

LIXIL Owners Club

In Japan, LIXIL has established a registration-based LIXIL Owners Club that provides information and services to help ensure easy, long-term, and safe use of purchased products.

Examples of available services:
• Ability to extend guarantee period free of charge
• Long-term guarantee service (additional payment required for a five or ten year guarantee)
• Maintenance package (additional payment required)
• Cleaning service (additional payment required)

LIXIL Owners Club logo

From FYE2021 to FYE2023, we conducted a donation campaign called MAKE A SPLASH! with LIXIL Owners Club in which we donated 10 JPY to the MAKE A SPLASH! partnership with UNICEF for every customer who signed up for the LIXIL Owners Club. This resulted in a total donation of approximately 5.4 million JPY.

In addition, since FYE2022 we have sought to deepen members’ understanding of the SDGs through quizzes and our email magazine, and also raise awareness of our MAKE A SPLASH! campaign. These efforts resulted in a 10% increase in awareness and 14% increase in understanding of the MAKE A SPLASH! campaign as of FYE2023. We also found that the NPS of members who participated in quizzes and showed understanding of the activities was higher than those of regular members.

Through the LIXIL Owners Club, we will continue providing customers with the information and services they need while striving to improve loyalty through various campaigns and activities that encourage them to understand the impact LIXIL has on society.

Improving Customer Safety in Times of Disaster

LIXIL provides information on how to respond in the event of a natural disaster in Japan in light of the more frequent occurrence of disasters caused by climate change. We are also strengthening our customer support systems to enable us to respond to inquiries even during natural disasters, COVID-19, and other emergency situations, and to respond swiftly to newly emerging needs.

Communicating Key Points for Disaster Response and Recovery

The damage to personal homes in times of disaster greatly affects the everyday lives of our customers. Our website offers relevant information for each type of natural disaster, including how to repair LIXIL products, to help customers get back on their feet as soon as possible and regain a sense of normality.

In FYE2023, we added contents on safety tips for snow removal work, how to respond to frozen water pipes, and preventive measures against freezing, in response to frequent snow accumulation and damage to frozen water pipes experienced across Japan due to cold weather.

Our website offers relevant information for each type of natural disaster

Respond Quickly to New Needs Created by the Pandemic

In the wake of COVID-19, we have started to disseminate information on our website about effective ventilation in the home and products that can protect customer safety, such as handwashing basins that can be installed near the front door and touchless faucets.

Resilient Customer Support through Cloud Solutions

During a disaster, we receive a higher number of emergency inquiries from affected customers. However, it is difficult for our call centers to respond if they have also suffered damage. To ensure we can continue to support our customers even in times of disaster, we have moved our contact facility onto the cloud and increased our number of satellite bases. We have also created environments for operators to continue performing call center tasks from home in order to respond to the operator shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has enabled us to create a more decentralized call center network in order to make our infrastructure more resilient, and establish a support system that is more responsive to customer concerns in times of disaster.