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LIXIL Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") has stipulated the following social media policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") in order to have better communications with its customers. The Policy applies to all customers who use its social media together with the utilization regulations of each social media. The Company would like its customers to understand that a customer shall be deemed to have agreed to the Policy when he/she uses any of the Company's social media.

1. Official account list for the Company's social media

The Company operates the following social media. Any social media not indicated here is not the one it is officially operating, and it cannot be responsible at all for the information contents described in such media.

Using the above social media, the Company provides information about its goods, services, sports activities and cultural activities. Operation of the social media and the information described on them may be closed, suspended, changed or deleted without any prior notice.

2. Rights when using these media

  • Actions taken are different depending on the social media, but the Company does not promise to give reply to all comments it has received. In addition, the Company does not accept any request for link with other websites at all.
  • All copyrights etc. of the content posted by a customer belong to the customer who posted it. Note that the posting of the content shall be deemed as granting of perpetual license to allow the Company to non-exclusively use (including sublicensing, processing, extraction, reproduction, publication and translation) the content free of charge all over the world, and as agreement not to exercise the copyrights etc. against the Company. The content posted by customers may be used in the Company's future activity, marketing etc.
  • When a customer is registered as a fan of the Company's social media, it shall be deemed that the customer allows the Company to access his/her open account and profile information including his/her name, profile photo, sex, user ID and friend list opened by the customer.

3. Exemption from responsibility

  • The Company is not obliged to assure the accuracy or integrity of the information on its social media. Information described on the social media is as of the time of posting, and may be changed afterwards.
  • The Company shall not take any responsibility at all for any damage caused by a customer's use or unavailability of its social media.
  • The Company shall not take any responsibility at all for any trouble or dispute caused at a customer or between a customer and a third party in relation to its social media.
  • The Company shall not be responsible at all for the content posted by a customer.
  • The Company disseminates its official announcement or view using its website and news releases. Information posted by the Company or its employee does not always represent its official announcement or view. In addition, the content posted by a customer does not reflect the opinion or ideal of the Company, its employees or those concerned.

4. Prohibitions

  • A customer shall not take any of the following actions when using the Company's social media
    • Pretending of a third party (or the Company) or any action which, according to the Company's judgment, may be highly possibly sockpuppetry by a customer;
    • Action for political or election activities, religious activities or criminal conduct; action inducing criminal conduct; action to abuse and slander any particular individual, race, religion, corporation, property or area; posting or sending of a harmful computer program or the like; or any other action which is or is suspected to be against laws, regulations, or public order and standards of decency;
    • Action for sales activity of the customer or a third party; or action to reproduce, sell, publicize or otherwise use the information obtained through the Company's social media beyond the scope of private use;
    • Action to obstruct the Company's operation of the social media, or action to cause or suspected to cause any disadvantage at a third party (including the Company), or action to prevent other customers from using or accessing the Company's social media or a part of such social media;
    • Action to identify, disclose or divulge any private communications with the Company or a third party or any personal information, privacy or secret information without consent from the person such information belongs to, or action to open the sales prices at any particular shop (including online shop);
    • Infringement of the copyright, trademark right or other intellectual property right held by the Company or a third party;
    • Action to use password mining, hacking or any other means to try unfair access to the services, account, computer systems or networks connected to the server used for the Company's services;
    • Action to try accessing the content or information by any means other than the means intentionally made available by the Company;
    • Action to impose excessive burden on the Company's social media server or other action considered as unfair practice as specified by the respective social media operator;
    • Any other action the Company judges inappropriate in the light of the purpose of its social media
  • Any customer shall not make any expression that falls on any of the following items (including other similar expression) in the content posted to the Company's social media.
    • Expression which induces or is suspected to induce false contents or misunderstanding;
    • Unduly emotional, discriminatory, or obscene expressions or other expression that may be treated as a problem from the ethical viewpoint;
    • Expression which the Company judges as an attack against it containing the customer's dogmatic or assertive expression such as "you should not purchase", "you should stop buying it by all means", "the worst one" and "the lowest one" without showing any rational grounds;
    • Expression which is felt unpleasant by other customers and expression which may disturb the order of the Company's social media;
    • Other expression the Company judges inappropriate in the light of the purpose of its social media
  • If the Company judges that a customer, whether intentionally or by mistake, takes or is threatened to take any of the following actions, it may take any or some of the measures below to such customer without giving any prior notice.
    • Measure with writing of comment etc. or deletion of posted contents or the like;
    • Measure with imposing restriction on utilization of the Company's social media;
    • Measure with giving a warning or recommendation via message function or private e-mail within the Company's social media;
    • Measure with announcement of a measure or measures taken among those described above via message function or private e-mail within the Company's social media;
    • Other measure selected by the Company to eliminate the prohibited action by a user or delete the prohibited expression

5. Revision of the Policy

The Company may revise the Policy without obtaining approval by the customer. In such case, the newest guidelines shall apply to the utilization of the Company's social media. Note that the Policy shall become effective at the time when the Company displays the revised Policy on its website unless otherwise specified by the Company.

6. Action upon dispute

  • In case there is any doubt about any matter not covered by the Policy or about any interpretation, or in case of any dispute occurs between a customer and the Company, the parties shall sincerely settle such problem in good faith.
  • Interpretation and application of the Policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan. If it becomes necessary to raise a lawsuit between the customer and the Company, Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance.
  • If the customer has any right to claim (such as the right to claim compensation for damages) to the Company, then the customer shall exercise the right within one year from the date when the cause of such right occurs. If the customer fails to exercise the right during this period, the right shall lose its effect.
  • If the customer causes any damage to a third party in relation to use of the Company's social media, then the customer shall compensate for such damage at his/her responsibility and cost or settle the dispute with such third party within the scope of his/her responsibility so that the customer will not cause any trouble to the Company.

7. Others

Other matters not covered by the Policy in relation to use of the Company's social media, clauses in "LIXIL Corporation Website Utilization Conditions" ( shall apply mutatis mutandis.

8. Handling of personal information

When the Company obtains personal information from customers, it will appropriately manage the information in accordance with the privacy policy it specifies (

9. Contact

If you have any question about the Company's social media, make an inquiry from the website at the URL below.

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Established on February 12, 2015
LIXIL Corporation