LIXIL Housing Technology


LIXIL Housing Technology

LIXIL Housing Technology (LHT) is a leader in the housing materials industry, with an overwhelming presence in the Japanese market. We are the principal supplier of a wide range of housing products, including window sashes, doors, exterior products for gardens and housing walls, as well as wooden products, and interior fabrics.

Building on the technology and quality that we have nurtured over the last 50 years, at LHT we strive to design products that are not only functional but create every-day comfort at home. Windows and doors, for example, play an integral role in the overall functionality, comfort and design of homes and buildings, greatly determining the flow of heat and circulation of air through our living spaces. At LHT, we are committed to understanding local climates and environments, and pursuing technology innovations to provide customers with a full lineup of products that suit the region in which they live.

LHT's mission is to add beauty to the skeleton of the home, by developing products that enhance aesthetics such as interior furnishing materials, fabrics, exterior walls and window sashes that frame the beautiful scenery from the window.

LHT's business activities are supported by its global procurement structure as well as extensive development and production operations across Southeast Asia. We develop operations that are rooted in our local communities, allowing us to meet our commitment to developing products that respond to the varied needs of individual countries and regions.
At LHT, our focus is on enhancing product design and providing intelligent functionality, to provide solutions that deliver additional comfort to people's living spaces and help make the house a home.

Our Brands

LIXIL Housing Technology integrates the legacy brands of Tostem, Shin Nikkei, and TOEX, and INAX, under the LIXIL brand (LIXIL Tostem in some markets). Building on the legacy of innovative technology and superior quality, we provide our customers with a full lineup of products ranging from aluminum sash windows, entrance doors, exterior products, interior furnishing materials to tiles. and construction materials in Japan and some Asian markets. With a strong commitment to delivering superior product quality, we perform detailed inspections during the design and testing stages to ensure product excellence.
Kawashima Selkon
Kawashima Selkon Textiles
Kawashima Selkon Textiles is a renowned fabric manufacturer with a 170-year heritage. Originally established as a modest but comprehensive kimono fabrics store, it launched an interior decoration and curtain business at an early stage, providing interior decorative fabrics to the Meiji Palace in 1888. Through a deep understanding of both traditional and advanced techniques, we continue to lead the interior decoration market in Japan, providing total coordination solutions to produce comfortable living spaces.

Our Products


High-performance windows providing thermal efficiency and insulation

Entrance doors

Entrance doors designed not only to be the "face" of your home but with functionality built in for thermal insulation and security


Entrance gates, garages, terraces and garden rooms – adding character to your homes

Wooden interior furnishing materials

Wooden interior furnishing materials available in a variety of designs and colors add more comfort to everyday lives.

Interior fabrics

Kawashima Selkon Textiles' curtains, carpets, fabric wall-coverings and bedcovers redesign the atmosphere of your living spaces.


From fire resistant siding materials to aluminum frames for solar photovoltaic systems, we provide solutions to meet our customers' needs.