Diversity & Equal Opportunity



LIXIL is committed to respecting diversity and recruiting and developing high caliber talent across the Group. We believe that harnessing the intelligence and perspectives of our diverse workforce is critical to driving growth and innovation.

Our Approach

United under the LIXIL Diversity & Inclusion Declaration, LIXIL embraces diversity in gender, age, race, nationality, values, background, etc., and turns the energy and creativity generated by diverse talent into a source of strength. We aim to furnish a comfortable and friendly culture and working environment for all, enabling employees to approach difficult challenges with an entrepreneurial spirit, and be fairly evaluated for their performance.

Our System

We set up our Global Diversity and Inclusion department in FYE 2020. In the first year, we analyzed our current level of diversity and inclusion worldwide. Going forward, we will determine a unified global diversity and inclusion strategy, set targets, and implement measures to deal with relevant issues in individual countries and regions.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

LIXIL issued Diversity and Inclusion Statement in July 2020:

“We are at a point in time where we all, as individuals and as companies, are forced to face some difficult truths on issues of diversity, equality, and inclusion. The tragic death of George Floyd and the subsequent events, demonstrations, and actions in the US and across the globe serve as a stark reminder that we must do more as society to put an end to racial injustices and inequality.

As a global company with operations in over 150 countries, we have committed ourselves to treating everyone fairly and equally. However, we must reflect and assess if we are truly doing all that we can to ensure equality and tolerance within our company and with our stakeholders.”

The statement includes some concrete policies we intend to implement. LIXIL remains committed to considering what we need to do to be able to solve these issues and to acting upon whatever initiatives we determine.

Gender & Age
Empowering Women in the Workplace

Promoting the active participation of female employees is an essential part of creating an environment in which each employee can demonstrate their own individual strengths through their work. At LIXIL, the CEO is leading our commitment to encouraging the full participation of female employees.

We consider a diverse range of people, including women, in our succession planning for major positions within the Group. We also set a 20% target for female participation in the young employee grade of LIXIL Corporation’s Talent Acceleration Program (TAP) to nurture our next generation of corporate managers, and we achieve that target every year. Furthermore, the number of female managers in LIXIL Corporation has risen from 22 (0.9%) in March 2012 to 171 (5.7%) in March 2020.

Number and Composition Ratio of Female Managers

We are also working to create an environment where female employees can consistently develop their careers even if they take time off for life events such as childbirth. As part of this effort, we have developed the Mamap career-building tool for working mothers. Our aim here is to encourage female employees preparing to take maternity or childcare leave to use this tool to explore potential career paths and support structures with their managers and sustain a fulfilling career after they return to work.

We have also set relevant regional targets for increasing the percentage of women working in LIXIL Water Technology (LWT) Americas, LIXIL Asia, and other locations outside Japan, and are making efforts to achieve the targets. These include, for example, the percentage of women in each professional class or ethnic group.

Mamap logo

Family & Life
Supporting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

At LIXIL, the executive management team actively supervises the creation of a rewarding working environment in which each and every employee can perform vigorously to their full potential.

LIXIL Corporation is committed to enhancing the necessary systems and cultivating the right atmosphere to support a good work-life balance, enabling employees to maintain a high level of performance throughout different life stages. We have introduced a variety of new systems, including telecommuting, hourly based paid holidays, and career return systems that facilitate the reemployment of employees who gave up work due to various reasons such as childbirth, childcare, or nursing care commitments, or relocation because of their partner’s transfer. We also subsidize extended daycare fees and fees for employees’ children to attend unlicensed daycare centers.

More male employees whose partners have just had a baby are using our Papa Childcare Leave system thanks to the newly available extended leave and flexible scheduling options, and more users are further extending their childcare leave after taking leave for the number of days available under the Papa Childcare Leave system.

LIXIL Water Technology (LWT) & LIXIL Housing Technology (LHT) Asia (GROHE Sanitary Products Shanghai) forbids employees from doing 36 or more hours of overtime a month to promote a strong work-life balance.

Number of Child-Care Leave Users

Culture & Identity
Fostering a Friendly Corporate Culture towards Sexual Minorities

Since April 2017, LIXIL has been working to create a friendly working environment for sexual minority employees. In March 2019, LIXIL Corporation made some improvements to its human resources system and working environments. For instance, we have started treating same-sex partners as dependents and applying the relevant congratulation or condolence leave and financial payments, arranging times and locations for undergoing health checks, and recognizing employees’ preferences for either male or female uniforms.

We are also promoting internal activities to expand understanding and support. In FYE 2018, we created a series of online lectures relating to sexual diversity and have been encouraging employees to watch them. We seek to increase the number of allies who understand and support sexual minorities through venues such as study sessions, and distribute Ally badges and stickers to employees who support this initiative. We encourage allies to share information through the LIXIL Ally network and seek to deepen understanding by arranging opportunities to interact with sexual minorities. Thanks to these efforts, in March 2019, we achieved our target of having two or more allies in each of LIXIL Corporation’s 86 bases in Japan with 50 or more employees.

Then in September 2019, LIXIL endorsed the “Support the Recruitment and Retention of Talent by Instituting Marriage Equality in Japan” viewpoint published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) recommending that the Japanese government extend the right to marry to sexual minority couples.

Sexual minority-friendly logo

Sexual minority-friendly logo

Employing People with Disabilities

Many employees with disabilities work alongside those without disabilities in LIXIL because we have developed inclusive environments in different workplaces, from R&D to production, sales administration, and planning management, to suit each individual’s specific capabilities. As of June 1st, 2019, 458.5 people with disabilities were employed across LIXIL Corporation, representing 2.33% of the workforce.*

Number and Percentage of Employees with Disabilities

In 2014, LIXIL Corporation launched its WING NIJI office that focuses on employment of people with disabilities. In addition to supporting people with different disabilities to perform their work assignments, conducting career aptitude evaluations, and offering job development opportunities, WING NIJI has been undertaking many initiatives to explore the type of environments and conditions that would enable people with and without disabilities to work together most effectively. For instance, the office introduced software that increases the font size for people with impaired eyesight and adjustable-height desks for wheelchair users.

Job instruction at WING NIJI

Job instruction at WING NIJI

LIXIL Corporation is also strengthening company-wide efforts, including introducing sign language interpretation in training sessions and other meetings and putting subtitles on intranet videos for employees with hearing disabilities. Since 2012, we have been proactively employing people with mental disorders and seeking to make various efforts and considerations to improve working environments to suit the capabilities and characteristics of individual employees. For instance, we ask people who are prone to anxiety to do tasks at their own pace, or leave an empty desk in front of an employee who gets distracted by other people around them or allow them to work in a free space.

In May 2016, LIXIL Corporation was certified by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a leading company in the active employment of persons with mental and other disabilities. We aim to help create a social structure in which people with disabilities can participate actively by sharing these initiatives with other companies and government institutions.

* Calculated based on the Employment Rate System for Persons with Disabilities by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.