Water Sustainability



As a leading company in water-related products, we create environmental value for water through water conservation, water circulation, and water purification technologies.

Products & Services: Enhancing the Water-Saving and Water-Purification Features

In order to help realize a circular economy as set out in our Environmental Vision, we provide solutions for using water resources sustainably while also creating additional environmental value for water. We do this by encouraging the use of water purification technologies and products and services that reduce water consumption, such as water-saving toilets, water faucets, and smart water controllers.

Water-Saving Toilets

The SATIS toilet (INAX), with its strong cleaning performance and water-saving functionality, can save up to 49%* of water used compared to conventional toilets that use eight liters of water for each long flush. Its AQUA CERAMIC sanitaryware material repels waste during each flush, making day-to-day cleaning easier and keeping it sparkling like new for 100 years.*

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Water-Saving and Water-Purifying Products

We are enhancing the water-saving and water-purifying functionality of various water-related products such as kitchen faucets by utilizing the latest sensing and filtration technologies. Our Navish Hands-Free faucet (INAX) uses the automatic Eco Sensor to detect the presence of hands and other objects, enabling water to be dispensed and stopped without touching the faucet. The faucet equipped with the sensor function also separates hot and cold water, preventing unintended use of hot water and energy. Users can save approximately 37% energy* and 30% water* compared to conventional faucets.

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Our Saybrook Filtered Kitchen Faucet, which introduces INAX’s filtering technology from Japan, can remove impurities such as lead, chlorine, and small particles contained in tap water to provide safe drinking water, with an improved taste. It comes with a small, innovatively designed filter that can be installed for easy access above deck at countertop level or below deck on the inside wall of the cabinet. Easy access to clean water helps prevent plastic water bottle usage and home water delivery, helping to reduce the environmental footprint.

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Saybrook Faucet

Saybrook Faucet

Protecting the Home from Water Damage

According to a survey conducted by LIXIL in 2017, 54% of European households have experienced some form of water damage such as those caused by water leakage. Used together with a smartphone app, our remote-controllable GROHE SENSE GUARD notifies users in the event of a burst pipe and automatically shuts off the water supply to minimize damage.

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Business Operations: Improving Water Efficiency and Protecting Water Quality

We are working to use water resources sustainably in all business processes across the company. At sites that use water for manufacturing, we work to identify water-related business risks in each region and take appropriate steps to improve water efficiency, recycle water, and manage wastewater.

Identifying Water Risks at Production Sites

In order to better understand local conditions and introduce appropriate measures to address the problem of increasingly scarce global water resources, LIXIL started conducting surveys in FYE2017 to identify water risks at 67 production sites that use water in their manufacturing processes.

Our risk assessment process involves first creating a geographical risk profile using the international WWF Water Risk Filter assessment tool. We then conduct surveys of sites that are revealed to be high-risk. This approach enables us to perform comprehensive water risk assessments.

Water Risk Assessment Process

water risk assessment process

Having conducted risk assessments based on the local conditions at each production site, we are now working to reduce water risk at four bases in Mexico. To strengthen our efforts to conserve precious water resources, we expanded the scope of water risks in the FYE2021 assessments by adding water quality and regulations to the existing water shortage risks. We will also seek to reduce the amount of water intake and discharge and to improve the quality of discharged water, even at newly recognized high-risk sites.

Percentage of Production Sites by Water Risk Level (FYE2021)
Percentage of Water Intake by Water Risk Level* (FYE2021)