Diversity & Inclusion



Leverage the knowledge and perspectives of a diverse workforce as a key driver of growth and innovation. Improve quality of life for all people through our products and services, irrespective of their age, gender, and the level of disability.

Highlight of Diversity & Inclusion


Many regions in the world are faced with an aging population. By 2050, one in five people are projected to be over the age of 60, with most of them living either alone or with their spouse only. Approximately 15% of the world’s population today also live with some degree of disability, and this rate is increasing every year.

Many people expect companies to develop products and services that can help improve the lives of a wide range of people, including the elderly and people with disabilities, as part of a universal quest to realize a sustainable society in which all people can actively participate.

LIXIL focuses its efforts on universal design (UD), a design philosophy that seeks to ensure everyone can live comfortably, no matter who they are. UD allows as many people as possible to use a product, irrespective of age, language, gender, ability or disability, or capability. We prize the wide-reaching knowledge and perspectives of a diverse workforce, because they fuel growth and innovation, including UD advancement.

Our Approach & Strategy

By 2030, LIXIL aims to embed a culture of inclusion across LIXIL and achieve key gender equity goals. In addition, we aim to ensure all our products and services are based on LIXIL Universal Design concepts by 2030.*

*Scope: Products and services in Japan

D&I Strategy

In March 2021, we formulated a D&I Strategy to further promote D&I across our organization. In our D&I Strategy, considering the current situation in society and organizations regarding gender inequality and the fact that women play an important role in consumer purchasing decisions and organizational management, we have formulated the following goals and measures with a particular focus on gender equity. In the future, we will work to formulate and implement more specific plans at each of our offices and promote measures addressing various types of diversity, including gender.

LIXIL D&I Strategy

Enhanced gender equity across
leadership roles by 2030:

  • 50:50 for Board & Executive Officers
  • 30% female managers/leaders across LIXIL
  • Maintaining gender parity in new graduate recruitment (Japan)

Universal Design Project

In FYE 2018, LIXIL established an exploratory committee consisting of senior managers to promote UD-related activities. The committee invited a diverse range of members from different functions (design, marketing, technology development, and public relations) to attend workshops to formulate advanced UD concepts: easy to understand, easy to use, safe and secure, and easy to love. Based on these concepts, LIXIL will develop and offer products and services that incorporate ideas from multiple perspectives to enable all individuals of all ages to live full and comfortable lives.

LIXIL Universal Design logo
LIXIL Universal Design Policy
Details of LIXIL Universal Design Policy

Examples of Products and Services

Well Life Kitchen: Easy to Use While Sitting

In October 2018, LIXIL Corporation introduced a fully updated version of its wheelchair-adapted Well Life kitchen range. This includes sink and countertop dimensions that are easier to use from a seated position. Our Well Life kitchen also incorporates user feedback to facilitate steadier side-to-side movement in a wheelchair. This approach is not only popular with wheelchair users, but also with many elderly and other people who prefer to do their housework from a less-tiring seated position.

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Well Life Kitchen

A Toilet That Can Be Used as Always Even in Times of Natural Disasters

The world is facing more natural disasters caused by extreme weather events due to climate change. In Japan specifically, experts anticipate there will be a huge earthquake in the future. The need for disaster preparedness is becoming increasingly pressing. Sewage disposal in times of natural disasters is just as vital to health as securing food and water. Conscious of this, LIXIL Corporation has developed the innovative Resilience Toilet, which can be used in the same way as always even in times of natural disasters.

The Resilience Toilet can be used like a regular toilet in everyday life. It has been designed to be comfortable, easy to clean, and safe to use, and uses five liters of water for a regular flush. During times of natural disasters, when water and other lifeline services have been disrupted, the volume of water required to flush can be switched to one liter without compromising its functionality. This toilet can be used by people of all ages and genders, including those who might require particular care.

Currently, we are marketing this toilet mainly to schools and gymnasiums that serve as emergency shelters when a disaster strikes, as well as to public buildings that serve as disaster response centers. Rather than focusing solely on providing the Resilience Toilet itself, we are generally helping solve problems at emergency shelters by providing practical support regarding broad toilet-related issues that may arise in times of disasters, such as how many toilets are required and how to operate them. We also hold disaster-response lectures in schools.

Many people flood into emergency shelters when a disaster hits, so the toilet facilities should be sufficient in number and quality. However, we can’t satisfy these needs with our Resilience Toilet alone, so LIXIL Corporation is working together with other manufacturers that provide emergency toilets to help strengthen Japan’s emergency response capability.

In everyday life

Can be used like a regular toilet.
Compatible with a bidet seat.
Uses five liters per flush.

When water supply is disrupted

The volume of water required to flush can be switched from five liters to one liter.
A toilet you use in everyday life ensures comfortable use even when water supply is disrupted.
Easy to clean and safe to use.

* Uses one liter if you hold the lever for about one second.
The volume of water used can vary depending on how you operate it

LIXIL Resilience Toilet
LIXIL Resilience Toilet

Received the Grand Award at the Japan Resilience Awards 2019 (corporate & industrial category)