Governance Structure



LIXIL Group Corporation has adopted the corporate governance structure of a “company with Nomination Committee, etc.” as outlined in Japan's Companies Act. Under this governance system, the Company separates the conduct of management from the surveillance of management with the objectives of creating a system where the executive officers can make management decisions quickly and decisively while aiming to secure management transparency.

As a holding company, in order to enhance corporate governance at its group companies, the Company established the Governance Committee within the Board of Directors as a voluntary committee, and also convenes meetings under the Compliance Committee, Risk Management Committee, M&A Committee, Investment Review Committee, and Corporate Responsibility Committee. These committees discuss management strategies, medium- and long-term policies, and investment-related matters in order to accelerate decision-making while enhancing the effectiveness of its governance.

Governance Structure (As of November 2019)

General Meeting of shareholders

Group Governance System

Regarding its business management, the Company, while respecting the independence of each Group company, including LIXIL Corporation, receives periodic reports on the status of business and gives approval to important matters. Additionally, the Audit Committee of the Company periodically receives reports on the details of audits by the Financial Auditors of the Company and the Company's internal audit divisions. At the same time, it strengthens cooperation with the Company Auditors of each Group company by holding periodic Group Company Auditors' meetings.

Governance of LIXIL Group Corporation, LIXIL Corporation and significant operating companies
(As of November 2019)