Disclosure Policy



1. Criteria for Disclosure

LIXIL Corporation is committed to developing business activities that not only comply with legal requirements but meet the highest ethical standards. It is also committed to transparent and timely disclosure to shareholders and other investors.
Regarding the disclosure of important information such as decision, event or information regarding accounts settlement that affects investment judgments, the Company discloses the information based on the timely disclosure rules enacted by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
It is also the Company's policy to disclose information that does not fall under the timely disclosure rules, as much positively and fairly as possible, in order to better meet investors' needs.

2. Methods of Disclosure

Disclosure of information falling under the timely disclosure rules is publicized through the timely disclosure circulation system (TDnet) offered by the TSE. We post each piece of information publicized on TDnet on our website promptly.
The Company is working, as much as practicable, to frequently and fairly release information not stipulated for release by the timely disclosure rules, but judged by LIXIL Corporation to be of help to investors to better understand the Company. LIXIL Corporation cautions investors, however, that disclosure on its website is not necessarily comprehensive. Please be advised that information disclosed on the website may be expressed or worded differently from information disclosed through other channels.

3. Prevention of Insider Trading

On February 1, 2004, regulations for the prevention of insider trading stipulated in Article 30 of the Securities and Exchange Law Enforcement Order (the so-called 12 hours rule) was revised. Under the new rule, information covered by the timely disclosure rules will be regarded as disclosed information once the information is released to media as well as posted on the website of self-regulatory institution.
With regard to information covered by the timely disclosure rules as well as information that may have a material effect on investment decision-making, LIXIL Corporation will release to media as well as post on TDnet. After that, the Company will also post the information on its website without delay.

4. Future Prospects

LIXIL Corporation sometimes provides guidance concerning its future prospects in addition to profit estimates to be submitted to the TSE.
Any information meetings, various information materials, speech, questions and answers, or other letters or documents from time to time issued by the Company, or the contents of this website may contain information relating to its current plan, future projections, strategy and so forth. In any case, all statements that are not historical facts are future projections made based on certain assumptions and its management's judgment drawn from currently available information.
Accordingly, when evaluating the Company's performance or value as a going concern, the Company requests that you do not rely on these projections entirely.
Please note that actual performance may vary significantly from any particular projection, due to various factors.

5. Quiet Period

In order to prevent the leakage of information regarding the data for the announcement of the account settlement and to ensure fairness, LIXIL Corporation fixed approximately four weeks of "Quiet Period" prior to the announcement of the quarterly accounts. During this period, the Company refrains from making comments on the accounts or responding to related questions. However, in the event that LIXIL Corporation finds a major discrepancy from projections during the Quiet Period, the Company will disclose the relevant information in accordance with the timely disclosure rules.

6. Other

Information received from the LIXIL Corporation website should be used in conjunction with reference to both this disclosure policy document and other legal disclaimer documents in Terms of Use on the website.