Return to Shareholders and Dividends



Return to Shareholders

LIXIL aims to enhance its profitability and strengthen its financial position in order to achieve sustainable growth and enhance its corporate value in the medium- to long-term.

Basic Policies

  • The Company policy on profit allocation is to make decisions based on a comprehensive assessment of all management factors, including periodic earnings, cash flows, retained earnings, and financial strength.
  • With regard to determining the use of retained earnings, the Company will prioritize investments for growth, such as capital investments (including new product development, rationalization, and IT investments) to strengthen its competitiveness, in addition to strengthening its financial position, taking into consideration the cash flow situation at that point in time.
  • The Company policy on shareholder returns is to pay stable dividends to shareholders over the long term, and to determine the amount of annual dividends based on the medium-term EBITDA level, as well as to buy back shares in a flexible manner.
  • The Company's basic policy is to pay dividends from surplus twice per year (an interim dividend and an annual dividend).


Please refer to the following page for information on key indicators, including per share information.