A safe and clean toilet helps children stay healthy and prevents infectious diseases. A toilet at home means children don't have to go into the field after the sun sets, keeping them out of danger's way. A clean, safe toilet at school can help young girls stay in school after puberty, learning and playing with friends.

For $20, a child can get access to a toilet at home

$55 can help educate 17 children in healthy toilet habits in Ethiopia

For $90, three female students can have access to a toilet that is maintained, allowing them to continue attending school through their teenage years

$160 can help educate five families of five in healthy toilet habits in Tanzania

$3,250 can buy toilets, lavatories, and provide clean water for a rural school of 110 students in Africa


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Join LIXIL and UNICEF to help children gain access to a clean and safe toilet. Toilets play a crucial role in keeping children healthy, preventing the spread of disease and allowing them to live with dignity. But for far too many children today, access to sanitation is still a big challenge.

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