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Insulating For a Warmer and Healthier HomeMar 8, 2017

Traditional Japanese houses are constructed with deep eaves, wooden corridors and verandas, and paper sliding screens. These and other ingenious designs improved ventilation in the house, providing comfort in Japan's hot and humid climate and protecting against the long spells of rain, dampness, and summertime heat...

Open Kitchen, Open CommunicationFeb 17, 2017

In Japan, people are sharing photos and videos of their kitchens and cooking on social media. The spread of smartphones has led to constant connectivity and increased use of social media, allowing private moments such as meals and family time at home to be aired around the world...

LIXIL Community Day 2017

LIXIL celebrated its first ever annual Community Day, giving back to the communities in which we operate. Almost 3,500 people from across the globe participated this year, spending 8,625 hours on 70 different activities, and benefiting over 16,000 people.

Tackling Open Defecation in IndiaNov 14, 2017

A long time ago, a religious Hindu text stated that a person who felt the call of nature should fire an arrow from their home. According to the "Vishnu Purana," the person could then safely defecate beyond the spot where the arrow fell to earth. ...

Shaping the Future of Faucets, One 3D Layer at a TimeJul 27, 2017

For a designer, there is nothing more exciting than being asked to remove all constraints, ignore all the conventions, and explore new frontiers offered by a cutting-edge manufacturing technique ― in this case: 3D printing...

LIXIL launched of a new SATO brand website

The SATO brand offers a range of simple toilet products that provide a better and more hygienic toilet experience for places that lack proper sanitation.
Currently, SATO products have been introduced in over 14 countries in Africa and Asia, leading to a more sanitary environment for around six million people.

Bathed in Culture and TraditionMar 16, 2017

It is said that the Japanese love to bathe. From places to cleanse the body and mind, to spaces where people have gathered to socialize and recuperate, Japan's bathing culture and baths have developed in a unique way...

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