Housing & Building


Housing & Building

LIXIL is a maker of pioneering housing and building products. Through our portfolio of brands including, TOSTEM, EXSIOR, and Kawashima Selkon Textiles, we offer window sashes, doors, exterior building materials, and interior furnishing materials and fabrics that help make a better home a reality.

We believe that windows and doors do more than connect you with the world outside; they help keep us healthy and comfortable, whether in summer or winter. We consider interior and exterior materials as more than just functional components; they also bring spaces to life and link your home to your lifestyle and persona.

Building on the technology and quality that we have nurtured in Japan over the last 50 years, we continue our quest to deliver more satisfaction to people's everyday lives. Our hybrid windows harness the material strengths of aluminum and resin to provide a high degree of insulation. Our Super Wall construction method helps maintain comfortable temperatures in the house while adding seismic resistance. We are even developing smart home products utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) and next-generation homes assisted by AI and smartphones.

Our expertise extends into the building sector, too, where we participate in every step of the construction process, from consulting and research to design, actual construction, and on-going maintenance. We help shape beautiful cityscapes with iconic architectural works while ensuring the comfort of the people living and working in the building.

More than merely a component of a building, our products play a critical role in improving the quality of houses and buildings, their performance, and reducing their carbon footprint. With increased attention on sustainability and heightened demand for high quality and energy efficient products, we are continually seeking better ways to build Net Zero Energy Houses (ZEH), Net Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB), as well as other types of buildings that help protect the environment.

At LIXIL, we focus on enhancing product design and providing intelligent functionality to deliver additional comfort, health, and happiness to people, helping make the house a home.

Our Brands

Asahi tostem
LIXIL Suzuki
Toyo Sash Syoji

Our Products


High-performance windows providing thermal efficiency and insulation

Entrance doors

Entrance doors designed not only to be the "face" of your home but with functionality built in for thermal insulation and security


Entrance gates, garages, terraces and garden rooms – adding character to your homes

Wooden interior furnishing materials

Wooden interior furnishing materials available in a variety of designs and colors add more comfort to everyday lives.

Interior fabrics

Kawashima Selkon Textiles' curtains, carpets, fabric wall-coverings and bedcovers redesign the atmosphere of your living spaces.

Curtain walls

Facades, complex forms, and steel and glass envelopes


From fire resistant siding materials to aluminum frames for solar photovoltaic systems and Super Wall construction method, we provide solutions to meet our customers' needs.