Customer Satisfaction



The LIXIL Group is constantly enhancing its products and services across the Group to ensure continued and improved customer satisfaction.

Action plan Monitor customer satisfaction levels and reevaluate collected data to help improve satisfaction levels
KPI Customer satisfaction survey towards all Group products and services (%)

Target / ProgressOPEN or CLOSE

  • Target for FY2016

  • ・Establish a mechanism for measuring and disclosing customer satisfaction, and implement it across the Group

  • Progress as of 2016

  • ・Conducted customer satisfaction surveys on product quality and customer support. Expanded scope of responses from call centers only to: 1) product quality, 2) showrooms, 3) call centers, 4) after maintenance, and 5) sales representatives. Result of customer satisfaction survey: 71.9%

  • Target for FY2017

  • ・Continue initiative to improve customer satisfaction across the Group

Our Approach

To ensure that our customers enjoy all aspects of their living spaces, the LIXIL Group is focused on developing products and services that satisfy both construction-related commercial customers and end consumers, while communicating with them effectively.

Business Customers

LIXIL Corporation conducts satisfaction surveys of its commercial customers. In FY2016, we achieved an average of 71.9% in terms of the quality of our products and customer support, including showrooms, call centers, after-sales maintenance, and sales representatives. We are committed to continuing these surveys and plan to extend systems for measuring and disclosing customer satisfaction across the Group in order to achieve higher quality products and services.

We hold training workshops for commercial customers on sashes, doors, entrances, kitchens, and bathrooms. Practical construction courses are provided to help boost end consumer satisfaction.

Professional User Satisfaction of Products and Support Services

Professional User Satisfaction of Products and Support Services

End Customers

LIXIL Corporation's customer service and repair centers receive approximately 270,000 inquiries each month. We are working to improve products and services with a PDCA approach by using our customer opinion database to analyze and visualize problems from a customer perspective.

Our customer service center conducts surveys on service quality twice a year. We use the results to improve our communications and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

Customer Inquiries