Customer Satisfaction



We are constantly enhancing our products and services and promoting communication across the group to ensure continued and improved customer satisfaction.

Our Approach & System

To ensure that our customers enjoy all aspects of their living spaces, LIXIL seeks to maximize customer satisfaction among both construction-related commercial customers and end consumers. Developing and providing products and services that fulfill customer expectations and communicating effectively with relevant stakeholders are vital to improving customer satisfaction. In Japan, our Marketing function and Quality Assurance division work consistently together to improve our products and services based on customer feedback.

Reflecting Commercial Customer Opinions in Our Products and Services

LIXIL conducts satisfaction surveys of our commercial customers in Japan. The surveys cover product quality and support. In FYE2021, the level of satisfaction was 79% for product quality and 67.7% for support. While the number of inquiries increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had difficulty with our response rate due to a shortage of human resources. As a result, we decided to strengthen our online customer services by utilizing AI chatbots, an automated artificial intelligence-driven tool.

We also collect approximately 300,000 comments from customers each month through our customer service center and product information support center. This data is stored in our database and analyzed to encourage relevant departments to implement improvement measures. In addition, our customer service center sends a questionnaire to customers who have recently contacted the center and conducts mystery shopping surveys with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Flowchart for reflecting commercial customer opinions in our products and services

LIXIL Owners Club

In Japan, LIXIL has established a registration-based LIXIL Owners Club that provides information and services to help ensure easy, long-term, and safe use of purchased products. In FYE2021, we started the MAKE A SPLASH! with LIXIL Owners Club initiative in which we commit to donating JP¥10 to the LIXIL-UNICEF MAKE A SPLASH! partnership for every customer who signs up for the LIXIL Owners Club.

Examples of available services:
• Ability to extend guarantee period free of charge
• Long-term guarantee service (additional payment required for a five or ten year guarantee)
• Maintenance package (additional payment required)

LIXIL Owners Club logo

Improving Customer Safety in Times of Disaster

In Japan, LIXIL started to provide disaster-response information in recognition of the more frequent occurrence of natural disasters and the rising number of related customer enquiries. We have also been working to strengthen our support systems so that we can respond to customer enquiries even during a disaster.

Communicating Key Points for Disaster Response and Recovery

The damage to personal homes in times of disaster greatly impacts the everyday lives of our customers. Our website offers relevant information for each type of natural disaster, including how to repair LIXIL products, to help customers get back on their feet as soon as possible and regain a sense of normality. We try hard to ensure this information is widely available by regularly providing disaster-related information through our LIXIL Owners Club, as well as by posting it on our official social media accounts when a disaster strikes.

Key points for responding to specific disasters

Resilient Customer Support through Cloud Solutions

During a disaster, we receive a higher number of emergency inquiries from affected customers. However, it is difficult for our call centers to respond if they have also suffered damage. To ensure we can continue to support our customers even in times of disaster, we have moved our contact facility onto the cloud and increased our number of satellite bases. This has enabled us to create a more decentralized call center network in order to make our infrastructure more resilient, and establish a system that is more responsive to customer concerns in times of disaster.

Product-specific disaster-response examples:
• How to flush a toilet in times of suspended or restricted water supply
• How to cope with a collapsed carport or terrace roof
• How to deal with broken window panes
• How to prevent freezing in bathrooms and bathtubs

Types of disasters: earthquake, flood, power outage, typhoon, water outage, heavy snowfall/freezing