2020 Targets for Material Issues



2020 targets for specific material issues are determined as below. We will report our progress and results on each issue on this website and the CR report. For more details, please refer to the webpage of each initiative.


Enhance group governance to maximize our corporate values.

Corporate Governance
  • Employ and establish global best practices as a company with nominating committee, etc
  • Establish a comprehensive global compliance program and structure, including: promoting group-wide adherence to the Group Code of Conduct and global policy, holding business and region-specific compliance committees, and conducting regular compliance reviews
  • Combine group-wide basic training, training by corporate positions and acknowledgment process of the Group Code of Conduct, and achieve 100% implementation rate
  • Ensure 100% familiarity with the group-wide concern-raising system, “Speak Up!”, which will be used to collect concerns raised by business partners
Risk Management
  • Foster a culture where risks are owned by respective executives (risk owner) globally, and establish cooperation among risk owners, risk management department and audit department to promote “risk countermeasures” to govern enterprise risks on a daily basis
  • Cultivate “risk management culture” globally to promote quick escalation when incidents occur and implement action plans according to timelines in order to prompt appropriate initial countermeasure
Information Security
  • Comprehensively manage group-wide information security activities, and make that management measurable
  • Ensure up-to-date policies that conform with national laws and suit individual company conditions, and conduct regular training
  • Number of incidents including unauthorized access and leaks: 0
Intellectual Property
  • Maximize the value of the Group’s intellectual property by conducting PDCA for the global IP governance structure and process
  • Hold an IP Committee meeting once every quarter (4 times annually)

Fair Business Practices

Engage all employees and officers in our business operations with a high standard of corporate ethics.

  • Establish a group-wide system that effectively prevent, detect and respond to violations, by developing a local process that is based on global policies and guidelines

Human Rights

Advance human rights across the business to operate as a responsible corporate citizen.

Human Rights
Due Diligence
  • Conduct human rights due diligence globally to identify and reduce human rights risks for all of LIXIL’s stakeholders, including customers, employees and business partners
  • Respond quickly and sincerely if any human rights violations are identifies. Carry out periodical reviews of the human rights due diligence framework and communicate initiatives and processes with transparency

Labor Practice

Build a strong corporation and workplace where all employees can achieve their fullest potential.

Working Environment
  • Increase favorable response rate by 10% in the work-life balance category of the groupwide employee engagement survey compared to the previous survey

    *The survey is carried out once-every-two-years. The previous survey was conducted in 2017 and the next survey will be in 2019

Diversity and Equal Opportunity
  • Establish the culture of diversity and inclusion within our organization and with all employees
Labor Practice
  • Achieve 100% operational coverage of group-wide EHS management system
Human Resource Development
  • Provide common learning opportunities for 800 next-generation leaders across the Group
  • Aim to expand the number of employees participating in the talent acceleration program (TAP) for next-generation leaders to 1,300 cumulatively (in Japan)

Quality and Satisfaction

Strengthen relationships with customers through our products and services.

Product Safety
  • Continue to keep the number of serious product accidents across the Group at zero cases
Customer Satisfaction
  • Conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys, and disclose results


Contribute to realizing a sustainable society through innovative products and services, and improving the environmental efficiencies over all operational processes.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction / Sustainable Water Use / Sustainable Use of Resources
  • Expand CO2 emissions reduction attributable to Group products and services by 1.36 times compared to FYE2016

    *Includes data on water resource protection (indirect CO2 emissions reductions relating to water use)

  • Reduce CO2 emissions from Group activities by 8% compared to FYE2016
  • Reduce distribution-linked CO2 emissions by 5% compared to FYE2016
  • Complete water-risk evaluation across all production sites, determine and implement KPI and targets for high-priority sites
  • Achieve waste product recycling rate of Japan & Europe 95%, Asia 68%, North America 40%

Supply Chain

Through responsible management of the overall supply chain, deliver a stable portfolio of products and fulfill stakeholder accountability.

Supply Chain Management
  • Achieve group-wide responsible procurement surveys coverage ratio* of 100% in Japan and overseas, conformity rate of 90%, and improvement rate of 100% (*based on purchased amount)

Stakeholder Engagement

Proactively engage with LIXIL’s key stakeholders for better business management.

Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration
  • Promote stakeholder engagement activities by using global frameworks such as the SDGs
  • Communicate and disclose accurate and transparent information that is accessible to our stakeholders
Solution of Global Sanitation and Hygiene Issues
  • Improve the livelihood of 100 million people through sanitation and hygiene solutions