Scope Of Reporting



The LIXIL Group is committed to providing prompt and transparent disclosure, seeking to build long-term trust of our stakeholders while achieving sustainable growth that complements society. We advance our Corporate Responsibility (CR) activities by establishing lasting relationships with our stakeholders through appropriate disclosure, reporting, and dialogue.

Details of our CR activities and related information are disclosed on our website. We also provide an update of CR activities in our annual report. Please also see the Corporate Governance section of this website for information on our corporate governance policies.

Reporting Period

Updated CR related information for FY2016 (April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017) has been published on October 31, 2017. We plan to update the report for the next fiscal year in September 2018.


CR activities of LIXIL Group Corporation, as well as LIXIL Corporation and other consolidated subsidiaries are covered in the report.
The scope is provided in footnotes for matters that have narrower coverage.
Please click below for further information on the scope of coverage:

Independent Practitioner's Assurance Report

LIXIL Group Corporation has received independent practitioner's assurance from Deloitte Tohmatsu Sustainability Co.,Ltd. regarding a portion of its environmental performance and employee-related information.