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LIXIL has built a group-wide occupational health and safety management system to protect all employees, and is working to expand its scope.

Our Approach

In our Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, LIXIL commits to promoting “the mental and physical well-being of all workers by prioritizing safety to realize an ideal working environment without any work-related accidents.” As for the measures we are pursuing to ensure zero work-related accidents and zero occupational illnesses, we have introduced an occupational health and safety management system and implemented a PDCA approach to help prevent accidents at work. We also promote health management for greater corporate value by enhancing employee health.

Our System

Our occupational health and safety management system is based on the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) and ISO, and involves implementing company-wide policies and core rules and conducting internal audits. GROHE AG in ENEMA region is certified to ISO 45001.

We submit monthly reports to senior management detailing our initiatives and their performance in order to help promote occupational safety-related activities across the group. We operate specific health and safety management systems at each of our business bases and hold Health and Safety Committee meetings on a single technology business or location basis. We also share and discuss issues related to occupational health and safety, all with the aim of achieving ongoing improvements.

The Occurrence of Work-Related Accidents

Severity Rate and Lost Time Injuries Frequency Rate
OIFR and Number of Work-Related Fatalities

Driving Health Management

LIXIL believes the physical and mental health of each employee is essential to create a vibrant workplace. We promote health management based on our Health Management Declaration, through which we seek to facilitate an environment that supports all employees to maintain a vital and healthy work-life balance.

Health Management Declaration

LIXIL believes that the good health of all our employees is a source of the good health of our organization. We declare our commitment to promoting sustainable health management to contribute to making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.

In order to build a more resilient organization that can respond quickly to changing circumstances, LIXIL is working hard to foster a corporate culture in which our employees — the core of our organization — can actively realize their full potential. Changing circumstances may change employees’ workstyle, but we will continue to be committed to creating an environment in which they can work in ever healthier ways.

We ask all our employees to understand that the most important factor in realizing better homes for everyone, everywhere is the health of you and your families. So please actively participate in activities that help maintain and improve your health.

October 2020
Kinya Seto
Director, Representative Executive Officer, President, and CEO
LIXIL Corporation

To implement the following initiatives, we have established an employee health support framework through which company nurses facilitate collaboration between occupational physicians and relevant departments.

• Encourage employees to increase their health awareness and improve self-management.
• Provide more employees with opportunities to help prevent illness and promote good health.
• Establish health-conscious, comfortable working environments

Health management promotion framework

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METI Health and Productivity Certification

LIXIL has been recognized for the fifth consecutive year under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program run by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

This certification recognizes our health maintenance and improvement measures, including mental health education, initiatives to help prevent serious lifestyle diseases and other conditions, and measures to maintain and promote employees’ health such as exercise promotion. LIXIL VIVA CORPORATION is also certified under the same program.

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