Rewarding Workplaces



LIXIL seeks to create a fair and rewarding workplace, develop a strong and cohesive corporate culture, and foster an open atmosphere in terms of the union-company relationship.

Our Approach

LIXIL strives to create an environment that encourages employee diversity, inspires pride in the company, and enables each employee to maximize their productivity and potential. As part of this, we have been focusing on workstyle reform and revising our human resource systems to foster employee enthusiasm and motivation. This includes encouraging employees to take paid holidays, offering more comprehensive childcare and nursing care support, and promoting proactive personal career development.

Our System

LIXIL is evolving rapidly. In order to further integrate employees and become One LIXIL, it is important for us to understand the circumstances of each internal organization and actively incorporate employees’ views when seeking to further improve working environments and building both top-down and bottom-up systems.

Improving Understanding of LIXIL Behaviors

We work to ensure that employees understand the three LIXIL Behaviors, which serve as a guideline on how individual LIXIL employees think and act in their daily work. To help that process, LIXIL set up an internal social media group called Behaviors Lounge in which we conduct relay interviews with our CEO, CFO, and other executives. We also offered special menus associated with each of the three behaviors in our staff cafeterias.

Relay interview with our executives

Relay interview with our executives

Online meeting with members promoting awareness of the LIXIL Behaviors

Online meeting with members promoting awareness of the LIXIL Behaviors

Promoting More Flexible and Diverse Working Styles

LIXIL is promoting workstyle reform as part of our company-wide human resource program, Kawaranaito LIXIL, which is aimed at revitalizing its business in Japan. We are currently developing human resources policies and work environments to facilitate a range of effective working styles that suit individual circumstances.

System Reform to Increase Flexibility of Work Location and Hours

In FYE2021, we updated our remote working policy, which includes work-from-home practices popularized during the COVID-19 pandemic, to make it more flexible to use. We also replaced our former flextime system around core working hours with a new Superflex system that will make it even easier for employees to independently select their working hours. We fully expect these systems to improve operational efficiency, productivity, and employee work-life balance.

Supporting Working Styles for Different Life Stages

We are making changes to enable working styles tailored to the different stages of an employee’s life, such as childcare or nursing care. In FYE2021, we expanded our frameworks for paid leave and shorter working hours to respond to leave requests to nurse elderly relatives or children, self-care leave (can be used on days when an employee’s physical condition deteriorates due to menstruation or pregnancy or to receive infertility treatment), Spouse Birth/ Childcare Leave (aka. Papa’s Childcare Leave, which can be taken when a partner gives birth or to look after children), etc. We have also established a financial support system for employees who are looking to return to work promptly after giving birth.

Designating the Office as a Place of Communication

We have designated the office as a place of communication and consolidated our offices in Japan, which has helped fuel the conception of new ideas and increased operational efficiency. We have organized our Tokyo head office building into several functional areas, including a focus-work area, a conversation area, and a “mood-change room,” as spaces to inspire innovation. The Tokyo Design Studio housed within the building also offers the perfect environment for teams to collaborate on creating excellent designs.

The image of more flexible and diverse working styles

Employee Opinion Surveys

LIXIL has been conducting the LIXIL Heartbeat survey every other year since 2015 in order to incorporate the opinions of all employees and improve workplace environments.

As new workstyles and consumer-centric approaches started to permeate the company in FYE2021 through our Kawaranaito LIXIL program, we became aware of the need to swiftly understand and respond to employee and end-user needs. We replaced LIXIL Heartbeat with the LIXIL VOICE survey, which is now conducted quarterly with new digital tools. As a result of digital transformation of the survey process, we are now able to gather and analyze a large number of survey responses in just two weeks, which allows us to capture any problems with current conditions and devise solutions more quickly.

In recognition of these efforts, LIXIL received the SAP Japan Customer Award for Experience Management, an acknowledgment of organizational achievement in the area of digital transformation.