A Fair & Rewarding Workplace



The LIXIL Group seeks to create a fair and rewarding workplace, develop a strong and cohesive corporate culture, and foster an open atmosphere between the unions and the company.

Action plan Conduct a regular employee awareness survey across the Group.
KPI Implementation of action plans derived from the global employee awareness survey across the Group (%)

Target / ProgressOPEN or CLOSE

  • Target for FY2016

  • ・Implementation of action plans derived from the 2015 global employee awareness survey across the Group: 100%

  • Progress as of 2016

  • ・Implemented actions in each organization based on the results of the Group-wide employee survey conducted during FY2015

    ・Set up the LIXIL Engagement Committee and shared best practices Group-wide via the intranet

  • Target for FY2017

  • ・Implementation of action plans derived from the 2017 global employee awareness survey across the Group: 100%

Action plan Hold regular discussions between the union and the company
KPI Number of meetings of the Central Labor Relations Committee at LIXIL Corporation (Japan only)

Target / ProgressOPEN or CLOSE

  • Target for FY2016

  • ・Hold 9 meetings of the Central Labor Relations Committee annually
    (*Also hold regional Labor Relations Committees in order to share details of Central Labor Relations Committee action and debate various issues)

  • Progress as of 2016

  • ・Held 9 meetings

    ・Established smooth labor relations by promoting prompt communication, including meetings and councils, on each of the themes stipulated under the basic labor-management agreement

  • Target for FY2017

  • ・Hold 9 meetings of the Central Labor Relations Committee annually to facilitate regular communication between the union and company

Our Approach to Personnel Management

The LIXIL Group strives to create an environment that encourages employee diversity, inspires pride in the company, and enables each individual employee to maximize their productivity and their potential. We have focused on improving our work styles to ensure employees' enthusiasm and motivation, and revising our human resource systems to encourage employees to take paid holidays; this includes offering more comprehensive childcare and nursing care support, and promoting personal career development.

Employee Opinion Surveys

In order for the rapidly evolving LIXIL Group to achieve further integration as One LIXIL, we believe it is important to understand our current situation and actively incorporate employees' views in improving working environments. Accordingly, from FY2015, we have combined employee opinion surveys that were previously conducted separately within each group subsidiary into one global survey. We are now collecting comprehensive data on the level of employees' understanding of our corporate vision, day-to-day work-related issues, satisfaction, as well as engagement. Over 66,000 employees around the world responded to the first survey conducted in 21 different languages, providing feedback from over 90% of our global workforce.

Survey feedback was offered in three languages (Japanese, English and Chinese) and each business function within the organizations used the results to identify its own issues, design solutions, and implement action plans. In addition, we have set up a global cross-functional project to address group-wide issues. For example, LWT Asia identified communication issues between managers and team members, and decided to provide training for new managers. In addition, LWT Americas committed to optimizing and improving the quality of its daily operation. LWT Americas sent staff from the manufacturing management division to the branches in Japan and Vietnam. As a result, LWT Americas improved the standard of work of these employees through best practice management training over a period of 5 weeks.

Supporting a Healthy Work-Life Balance

At the LIXIL Group, the executive management team is actively supervising the creation of a rewarding working environment in which each and every employee can perform to their full potential.

Holding active Work-Life Flexibility (WLF) Advisory Discussions between the union and the company, LIXIL Corporation is committed to enhancing the necessary systems and cultivating the right atmosphere. We currently have support practices in place for female employees looking after young children, and are now focusing on supporting our male employees with their childcare commitments, in addition to supporting all employees looking after sick or elderly relatives. We have introduced a variety of new systems, including hourly based paid holidays for all employees, career return systems that allow employees who gave up work due to childbirth, childcare, or nursing care commitments to be reemployed; we are subsidizing extended daycare fees, providing subsidies equivalent to social security premiums to employees on temporary nursing care leave, and offering "Papa Childcare Leave" to male employees whose partner has just had a baby.

LBT (JOSEF GARTNER CURTAIN WALL SHANGHAI) has introduced and sponsored two initiatives for employees that need to juggle work and care for newborns: fathers are able to request 10 days of paternity leave, and mothers can ask for partially reduced working hours during the first year since the child was born. LWT Indonesia allows flexible working hours during Ramadan to enable employees to eat breakfast with their families and attend prayers.

Number of Maternity Leave Users

*Directly hired employees in Japan only
*The FY2015 figures have been revised on January 12, 2017

Number of Child-Care Leave Users

*Directly hired employees in Japan only

Number of Nursing-Care Leave Users

*Directly hired employees in Japan only

Preventing Overwork

LIXIL Group top management are proactively seeking to improve productivity by eradicating long working hours and ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

To encourage employees to actively reduce overtime, LIXIL Corporation has designated Wednesdays to be a no-overtime day and has implemented an advance declaration policy for overtime. From FY2015, managers and staff are required to carefully manage their working hours. Employees who consistently work long hours are interviewed by an industrial physician to prevent mental/physical health issues. We aim to increase paid-leave usage to 50% or more by introducing measures such as offering "memorial leave" for personal anniversaries and encouraging employees to take five consecutive days of annual leave at a time. In FY2016, paid-leave usage stood at 48.6%.
LWT South Africa (Grohe Dawn) prohibits administrative staff from working after 6pm, and urges them not to work on weekends unless it is an emergency. LHT HK & Macau monitors work progress at monthly or weekly meetings and immediately reviews individual workloads if anyone is working excessive hours.

Paid Leave Days Taken per Employee

*Directly hired employees in Japan only

Average Monthly Overtime Hours per Employee

*Directly hired employees in Japan only

Labor-Management Relationship

The LIXIL Group believes that building mutual trust between the unions and the company based on an equal relationship helps build a fair and rewarding workplace and leads to improved business performance.
LIXIL Labor Union, which adopts a union shop system for original permanent employees of LIXIL Corporation, is comprised of 13,869 registered members as of March 31, 2017, a 100% membership rate. Labor-management consultations take place in the form of regular discussions and information sharing on business status, working conditions, health and safety issues, etc., and the union and the company work together to resolve issues. When there are changes to working conditions and/or other systems being introduced or revised through labor-management consultation, the union and the company cooperate to ensure employee awareness of the changes. This is facilitated through posting the information on the corporate intranet, cascading the information down through relevant general affairs departments, and the union distributing its own Union Guide to all union members.

FY2016 data indicated with a have received an independent practitioner's assurance.
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