Management of Chemical Substances



LIXIL strives for appropriate management of chemical substances and reduction of substances of concern across all of its business processes.

Our Approach

Since the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) agreed to aim to ensure “that chemicals are used and produced in ways that lead to the minimization of significant adverse effects on human health and the environment” by 2020, we have witnessed a strengthening in chemical management worldwide. Across all of its business processes, LIXIL has also been seeking to appropriately manage chemicals and reduce substances of concern that can negatively impact human health and environment, helping to resolve environmental pollution issues and improve people’s comfort and lifestyles.

Our System

In Japan, LIXIL’s corporate functions of Environment, Procurement, and Quality partner with the Technology function under the direction of the chief technology officer to encourage appropriate management and operation of chemical substances in products. To ensure an understanding of and response to regulatory trends, we are working within this system to develop a management infrastructure and stronger governance.

Managing Chemicals in Operational Processes

LIXIL appropriately manages chemicals in accordance with the local laws and guidelines set by each market in which it operates, such as the EU RoHS directive or REACH regulation.

Flowchart for Chemical substance management

Guidelines for the Appropriate Chemical Management

In Japan, LIXIL is implementing appropriate chemical control through its guideline that details any substances prohibited for use in its products and those that may be used under strict control, as well as how to handle them.

To further enhance our efforts, we have established Chemical Substances Management Rank Guidelines in January 2020 to replace the List of the Environment-Related Substances to Be Controlled by LIXIL created in 2015. Our inhouse training also includes study sessions on the guideline and the latest regulatory trends to promote employee awareness and understanding of these issues.

Chemical Substance Database

LIXIL has introduced a dedicated system in Japan for the control of chemicals in products. We seek to appropriately manage information when collecting details on chemicals in products from our suppliers, gathering internal data, and providing information to customers.

chemical substance database

Reducing Substances of Concern

In new product development, we prioritize the reduction of substances of concern in our products to meet strong societal demands. We also collaborate with our suppliers to find alternatives to any substances of concern in our existing products.