Environmental Performance



Scope of Data Collection

In principle, environmental performance data covers all operating companies and their consolidated subsidiaries as of March 31 2018, with the exclusion of some consolidated subsidiaries considering their business size and content. Moreover, due to decision to sell Permasteelisa S.p.A., a consolidated subsidiary in August 2017, businesses of the company and its subsidiaries are classified as discontinued operations and excluded from the scope of data. With regard to non-consolidated subsidiaries, subsidiaries operating in buildings owned and managed by an operating company of the LIXIL Group are treated as being part of the LIXIL Group. Major production plants of non-consolidated companies are also included in the scope. Please note that the scope of environmental performance data differs from the scope of subsidiaries for the consolidated financial report. Where scope of data is different to those stated above, details are specified in the footnotes.

Operating Companies of The LIXIL Group

LIXIL Corporation, LIXIL Living Solution Corporation, LIXIL Group Finance Corporation

Major Consolidated Subsidiaries of LIXIL Corporation

Consolidated subsidiaries in Japan:

Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co., Ltd., BENIKOYA Ltd., Asahi Tostem Exterior Building Materials Co., Ltd., LIXIL ENERGY Co., Ltd., LIXIL Window Products Inc., G TERIOR Corporation, HANDY TECHNO Co., Ltd., Dinaone Corporation, NITTOCERA Corporation, blisspa japan Inc., Omi Chemical Pottery Corporation, LIXIL Total Hanbai Corporation, LIXIL SUZUKI SHUTTER CORPORATION, LIXIL Toyo Sash Shoji Co., Ltd., TM.S Corporation, LIXIL Total Service Corporation, LIXIL RENEWAL Corporation, Kuwata Corporation, Oita Tostem Corporation, Nishi Kyushu Tostem Corporation, LIXIL Sales Okinawa Co.,Ltd, Fukunaga Glass And Building Materials Sales Corporation, Sobue Industry Corporation, Safety Partners Corporation, LIXIL OKINAWA SUZUKI SHUTTER CORPORATION, Sonitech Corporation, LIXIL Logistics Corporation, Maruki Unyu Corporation, LIXIL Business Service Corporation, LIXIL Travel Corporation, LIXIL Insurance Service Corporation.

Consolidated subsidiaries outside Japan:

HUA MEI Sanitary ware Co., Ltd., Jiangmen LIXIL AS Sanitary Fitting Manufacturing Co., Ltd., LIXIL AS Sanitary Manufacturing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., LIXIL AS Sanitary Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., PT AMERICAN STANDARD INDONESIA, LIXIL BUILDING MATERIALS MANUFACTURING (SUZHOU) CORPORATION, LIXIL Sanitary Fitting Manufacturing (Suzhou) Corporation, LIXIL Vietnam Corporation, LIXIL (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd., LIXIL Korea Inc., PT LIXIL ALUMINIUM INDONESIA, LIXIL GLOBAL MANUFACTURING VIETNAM Co., Ltd., TOSTEM THAI Co., Ltd., LIXIL Manufacturing (Dalian) Corporation, LIXIL Suzuki (Hong Kong) Company, Ltd., American Standard Brands production sites, GROHE Group production sites.

Non-consolidated Subsidiaries of LIXIL Corporation

Non-consolidated subsidiaries in Japan (Manufacturing sites):

Maebashi LIXIL Factory Corporation, Ichinoseki LIXIL Factory Corporation, TONO LIXIL Factory Corporation, HIKONE LIXIL Factory Corporation, Ibuki LIXIL Factory Corporation

Consolidated Subsidiaries of LIXIL Living Solution Corporation

Consolidated subsidiaries in Japan:


Consolidated Subsidiaries of LIXIL Group Finance Corporation

Consolidated subsidiaries in Japan:


CORPORATION Procurement, Logistics and Product usage Data


All raw materials, parts, and packaging materials, which are managed by each procurement department. in LIXIL Water Technology and LIXIL Housing Technology, used for products are included in the calculations. Manufacturing equipments and office supplies are excluded from the calculations.


The scope of data calculation covers only the sites which are designated as specified consigner by the Act on the Rational Use of Energy.

Products usage:

The scope of data calculation covers each brand’s products manufactured by LIXIL Water Technology, LIXIL Housing Technology, LIXIL Building Technology and Housing & Services Business.