Diversity & Inclusion



Connection to UN Sustainable Development Goals LIXIL is committed to embracing the diversity of people in society and within our firm. This includes enhancing quality of life and wellbeing for the elderly and the physically disabled through LIXIL products and services, as well as harnessing the intelligence and perspectives of LIXIL's diverse workforce, as an engine for growth and innovation.


By 2050, more than one in every five people around the world are projected to be over the age of 60, with many living either alone or with their spouse only. Approximately 15% of the world's population today has some sort of disability, and this rate is increasing every year. In Japan, female participation in the workforce is still low compared to other countries, despite the fact that multiple researches suggest that gender diversity correlates with less volatile and improved financial performance of corporations.


Universal Design by LIXIL

LIXIL engages in research and development for products and services factoring in various points of view, to help create comfortable and fruitful lives for people of all ages.

Dim light
Bath room
Push-type faucet
Dressing room
Wash-stand for wheelchairs
Touch-less faucet
Living room
No-rail window sash
Stairs, corridors, entrance halls
Stairs with slipping prevention mechanism
Entrance porch / exterior
Linear sliding system
Public toilets
Large remote controls
Public Spaces
Support rail UD

LIXIL also displayed a lineup of products for the elderly at the 43rd International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition, the largest international home care and rehabilitation exhibition in Asia, further demonstrating its commitment to inclusive designs.

LIXIL Diversity & Inclusion Declaration

We leverage our differences to create new energy and engagement generated by open and honest dialogue across our organization. These efforts will enable our employees to build entrepreneurial mindset that will drive growth and sustainable innovation.

LIXIL Diversity & Inclusion four focus areas

LIXIL has set four focus areas to uphold its Diversity & Inclusion Declaration, and each region will promote initiatives to address and improve the focus areas that are the most relevant for each country and region.

Gender & Age

We will drive business performance by embracing diversity and ensuring that all employees have equal opportunities to be recruited, developed, advanced, and retained globally, regardless of gender or age.


We will raise awareness, provide education and resources, and proactively create a culture that embraces, enables, values, and maximizes the contributions of persons with disabilities.

Family & Life

We will support employees through various life stages and events thereby allowing them to contribute to business success while also fulfilling personal and family priorities and obligations.

Culture & Identity

We will foster mutual understanding, respect, and communications in order to fully embrace the diversity in race, religion, culture, gender identity and sexual orientation of everyone at LIXIL.