Employee Safety & Health



We are establishing an occupational health and safety management system and promoting health-oriented management in order to protect the health and safety of all our employees.


Our Approach

LIXIL positions prioritizing the safety of all employees as one of our material issues. In accordance with our company wide LIXIL Occupational Health and Safety Principles approved by our executive officers, we are pursuing to ensure zero work-related accidents by introducing an occupational health and safety management system and implementing a PDCA approach.

Our System

Our occupational health and safety management system is based on the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) and ISO, and involves implementing company-wide policies and core rules. GROHE AG in EMENA region is also certified to ISO 45001. We conduct management reviews of each technology business, and each function reports their activities to management on a monthly basis and ensures advice and instructions are implemented for continuous improvement. We also conduct internal audits of each business base every year.

In FYE2022, we renewed our safety management structure in order to strengthen governance relating to occupational safety. In addition to our ongoing initiatives, from FYE2023 onwards, we will conduct company-wide management reviews by our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and audits by our head office Safety Management Department twice a year. Our CTO will also announce medium-term and fiscal year occupational safety targets, and each function in the technology businesses will determine and implement targets and action plans that align with the broader company-wide objectives. We also seek to make continuous improvements by holding Health and Safety Committee meetings for each business base where the company and employees come together to share and discuss occupational health and safety issues.

Occupational safety management structure

Occupational safety management structure

Efforts to Eradicate Occupational Accidents

In order to prevent work-related accidents, all employees at LIXIL are encouraged to comply thoroughly with the rules. We also establish systems that enable each employee to predict danger and take action to prevent accidents from happening.

Safety Meetings

We hold safety meetings of both technology businesses twice a year to share and help develop positive examples of how to ensure occupational safety.

Safety promotion function at each technology business conducts legal compliance audits at all business bases under their control, obtain a good understanding of effective safety activities at each base, and share that information through the intranet or at joint meetings attended by representatives of each base.

Anzen Dojo

LIXIL has set up an Anzen Dojo in Japan where visitors can simulate past occupational accidents. So far, Anzen Dojo training was held more than 500 times for over 4,500 people. In FYE2022, we held 42 training sessions for a total of 381 participants from inside and outside Japan.

Number of Safety Training Sessions and Number of Participants

FYE2020 FYE2021 FYE2022
Number of sessions 12 3 42
Number of participants 114 52 381

* From FYE2022, we have changed the calculation criteria to include the number of risk simulation training sessions for new employees and the number of participants in those sessions, and also recalculated the data for past years to reflect the same criteria.

Hazard Source Risk Assessment

LIXIL Water Technology (LWT) conducts risk assessments of hazard sources relating to existing and new facilities and takes measures to prevent disasters from occurring. In FYE2022, we expanded the scope of these assessments to cover R&D bases as well as factories. We also conducted 14 practical training sessions for roughly 50 participants.

R&D staff conducting risk assessments
R&D staff conducting risk assessments

R&D staff conducting risk assessments

Our Response to Occupational Accidents

LIXIL monitors various indicators including the lost time injuries frequency rate (LTIFR), the severity rate, and the number of occupational injuries, and introduces measures to help reduce work-related accidents to zero.

In FYE2022, we analyzed past work-related accidents and identified important risks across the company. For FYE2023, we have set two priority themes: reducing risks involving contact with operating equipment and cuts and grazes. We will aim to halve the number of these accidents compared to the previous year.

Severity Rate and LTIFR

Severity Rate and LTIFR



Number of Work-Related Fatalities

Following the fatal accident that occurred in FYE2019 when a LIXIL employee was involved in a collision on the highway, we invited external lecturers to provide traffic safety education to employees whose work involves driving. We have also instigated awareness-raising activities through the Health and Safety Committee at each site to help prevent the occurrence of similar accidents.

Number of Work-Related Fatalities

Scope and details of employee-related data >

How We Respond to Occupational Accidents

In the event of a work-related accident, we take the following steps to help prevent any secondary or similar accidents.

How to Respond to Occupational Accidents


Our Approach

LIXIL considers the physical and mental health of our employees as one of our material issues because we believe that employee well-being ultimately helps create vibrant workplaces and improve corporate value. Based on that view, we promote health and productivity management based on the Health Management Declaration made by our CEO.

We seek to enhance employee productivity and motivation by establishing an organizational culture in which good health fuels the development of employee capabilities and by building workplaces in which employees positively manage their own physical and mental health. Building environments that enable individuals to maximize their abilities through these initiatives is proving a powerful driver of value creation. Promoting health and productivity management will help build a more resilient organization that can respond quickly to changes in the business environment and help realize LIXIL’s Purpose to “make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.”

Health Management Declaration

LIXIL believes that the good health of all our employees is a source of the good health of our organization. We declare our commitment to promoting sustainable health management to contribute to making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.

In order to build a more resilient organization that can respond quickly to changing circumstances, LIXIL is working hard to foster a corporate culture in which our employees — the core of our organization — can actively realize their full potential. Changing circumstances may change employees’ workstyle, but we will continue to be committed to creating an environment in which they can work in ever healthier ways.

We ask all our employees to understand that the most important factor in realizing better homes for everyone, everywhere is the health of you and your families. So please actively participate in activities that help maintain and improve your health.

Kinya Seto
Director, Representative Executive Officer, President, and CEO
LIXIL Corporation

Our System

LIXIL announced the Health Management Declaration in FYE2021. Under the direction of the CEO, who is also Health and Productivity Management officer, departments involved in worksite environments and human resources, occupational physicians, company nurses, and Health Insurance Society work together to establish systems for maintaining and enhancing employee health.

Health management promotion framework

Health management promotion framework

Driving Health Management

In FYE2022, we conducted a comprehensive data-driven risk analysis and evaluation to help strengthen health and productivity management. This enabled us to identify any problems with the disclosure of information to stakeholders and the promotion systems. We also identified issues relating to individual initiatives such as the degree of employee participation and implementation of health guidance as well as the need to improve awareness of women’s health issues. These issues are reflected in our strategy and key initiatives. We have determined indicators of health investment measures and changes in employee awareness and behavior as well as health targets to be achieved by FYE2025, and will publish progress once each item has been prepared.

As part of our drive to achieve these FYE2025 targets, in FYE2023, we will expand and further embed activities conducted in the previous year across the whole company, and take further steps to foster an organizational culture that encourages health and productivity management. Furthermore, we will leverage health check results to improve employees’ lifestyle habits and expand training and company nurse support systems for mental health and women’s health issues. We will also promote data health, which involves analyzing big data based on digitalized health and stress test results in order to promote health and prevent illness.

Measures to Maintain and Promote Health

Annual Medical Checkups

We offer annual medical checkups to all employees and discovered issues requiring further attention in 42.1% of employees in FYE2022. Employees with health risks are encouraged to visit a medical institution to ensure early detection and treatment of any diagnosed illness. The LIXIL Health Insurance Society offers a subsidy for basic medical examination for both employees and their dependents.

Mental Health Measures

We conduct annual stress checks for all employees. In FYE2022, 91.5% of employees underwent the test, which revealed a high stress rate of 12.4%. Employees who are confirmed to be suffering from high stress levels are referred to occupational physicians for private consultation. Any workplace with 10 or more respondents that has been identified as being high-stress is required to create an action plan sheet to resolve the underlying causes.

We are also strengthening our mental health support system by allocating occupational psychiatrists in multiple Japanese bases to facilitate a more targeted specialist approach. In addition, we hold general seminars on mental health for all employees and a more tailored program for specific departments. Two such seminars were attended by 59 people in FYE2022.

Health Education Programs

Company nurses provide tailored training to address the needs of people in different positions, sites, and workplaces on mental health, preventing illness, improving lifestyles, and managing health when working from home. In FYE2022, 448 people participated in a total of nine training sessions. In particular, we ensure all new employees and newly appointed managers receive health training to ensure early detection and treatment of any issues.

We also work with the LIXIL Health Insurance Society to arrange health seminars given by external lecturers on topics selected to suit the needs of individual workplaces or job types. In FYE2022, 367 people participated in a total of six online programs focusing on women’s health management, mental health, and exercises that can be done at home.

Health Promotion Events

Given the importance of daily efforts to maintain health, we work with the LIXIL Health Insurance Society to actively encourage exercise. Since 2016, we have held biannual LIXIL Walking Rally events to encourage employees to develop their own exercise routines. A total of over 3,000 employees joined the rally in FYE2022.

In addition, the LIXIL Health Insurance Society conducts a health promotion campaign twice a year. In FYE2021, the society expanded the campaign to 23 courses, including smoking cessation, developing an exercise routine, and dieting.

Setting Up Helplines

In Japan, LIXIL has established a helpline offering mental and physical health advice through which employees can receive specific individual advice and specialist support from company nurses via email or telephone.

The LIXIL Health Insurance Society has set up its own mental and physical health support line where employees can seek advice via telephone, web, or face-to-face interview from external doctors and public health nurses not only about health and medical treatment, but also about child-raising and nursing care.

Supporting Return to Work

We provide support to employees who take sick leave based on our Return to Work Program. From during their absence to after returning to work, we support them both physically and mentally in conjunction with human resources department, supervisors of the department they belong to, occupational physicians, and company nurses.

Promoting Smoking Cessation

In April 2020, we banned smoking throughout the day in all our offices and facilities across Japan to maintain the health of our employees, customers, and all other stakeholders. Smoking rates have been decreasing over the past several years across LIXIL in Japan, with 21.8% as of the end of March 2022.

Smoking Rates

Smoking Rates

Smokers are defined as those who replied “yes” to the question “Do you smoke?” in the health check questionnaire.

COVID-19 Countermeasures

We transmit information on infection prevention, online communication, and mental health care linked to increased work-from-home practices through internal social media and bulletin boards as a preventive measure against COVID-19. In FYE2022, we held COVID-19 vaccination clinics in four workplaces in Japan.

External Evaluations and Memberships

METI Health and Productivity Certification

LIXIL was recognized under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program run by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 2023. Also selected as the White 500 enterprise. (Certified as the Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization for the seventh consecutive year)
Our decision to implement activities based on a strategy map and, in particular, our healthcare training for all employees and all managers and our initiatives designed to address women’s health issues earned high praise.

Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations 2023 logo

Sports Yell Company

LIXIL has been recognized as a Sports Yell Company for the fifth consecutive year. We continue to promote initiatives that encourage employees to keep exercising to maintain and improve their health.

Sports Yell Company 2023 logo

Participation in KENKO Kigyo Kai

Maintaining and enhancing workers’ health is a challenge not only for a company but also for all working people themselves. LIXIL takes part in KENKO Kigyo Kai, an organization that shares health management best practices with an aim to enhance active and effective health promotion activities. We hope this organization will become a group of leading companies in the health promotion sphere, and ultimately, set a strong example for promoting health management in our society at large.

Initiatives outside Japan

In the EMENA region, we introduced the Employee Assistance Programme OPTUM with the goal to help our employees and their families to cope with their professional and personal life challenges and to create working environments where people can work vigorously with a healthy body and mind.

We also set up an internal helpline that is anonymous and available to our employees and their family members at no cost. People can seek 24/7 specialist support through the helpline.